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Clearly, the economy has impacted Land Surveying everywhere. The 10% unemployment threshold was passed in our industry a while ago. Our rollercoaster can be worse than in some
other fields.

When times are good, the Land Surveying Business can be profitable. Others bring us work. Developers,
contractors, architects, engineers, and lawyers may all require or recommend
Land Surveying Services for their Clients.
Frequently, business gets to us because another authority mandates a
survey by law. In be

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May is steadily approaching and I plan to focus on Land Surveyors United groups this month. We have several new features just released and a few in the works. This blog post should bring you up to speed.

Our New LSU Surveying Firm Directory
Over the next couple of weeks, I will be putting together an official LSU Surveying Firms Directory that will be available in pocket sized booklet form and on the web. Thus, I will need your company contact details and company categories to be up to date.
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Land surveying equipment Hardware brochures and documents

Justin has made some new updates can be found on both the Quick Start Guides Page and the Land Surveying Hardware Brochures page. For those of you looking for manuals, brochures or guides, if you cannot find them here, have no fear. Try these two steps before giving up:

1.)Go to the Main page of LSU and look on left sidebar for a search button. The results will show up in the middle column of the front page. This searches all of the collective libraries of surveying documents attached to LSU.

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It has come to my attention that the University of Maine is proposing budget cuts in its Survey Engineering Technology (SVT) program, and I'd like your help in getting the University to change its mind. If these proposed budget cuts are implemented in this survey program it could have a huge negative impact on our profession and in our land surveying businesses, too. The following information sent to me explains in detail what the issue is, how to voice your opinion on this matter, and how to le
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The position of the sun is very important for nearly every land surveying job. I found this google maps mashup for you to check out which may come in handy (via Google Maps Mania)

SunCalc is a great Google Maps based tool for finding the position ofthe sun and the sunrise and sunset times for any location on the Earth.
The application auto-detects your current location but you also can drag
the marker or use the search function to move to a different location.

Areally great feature on this app is t
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survey job

Experience10/08 – Present FNF Construction, Inc. Tempe, AZGM Proving Grounds, Yuma, AZHeavy Highway Construction Staking on U.S. Highway 93 at Hoover Dam.7/08 – 10/08 JL Andrews & Associates, LLC Phoenix, AZLand Boundary field surveys and construction staking. Trimble GPS units.7/07 – 7/08 Rinker Materials (CEMEX) Phoenix, AZBoundaries & Easement, Stockpile Inventory, Flood Certification, Rough Grading. Perform field and office tasks using Leica GPS units as 1-man crew and Carlson 2006 Software
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Which Other Land Surveyors are Online?

Several surveyors have asked me how to know when other members are online, so I made some adjustments to the network. Today, I've added new indicators to the network to let everyone know which other members are online.

whos onlineWill indicate that a member who's photo, video or blog post you are looking at is online or not.

i'm online now Will be the indicator for featured members on the front page and in the member pages to let others know if they are are online and available for support or chat.

In order to chate

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The thought of writing a book never entered my mind until this story came to me in a dream one night. I also wanted to show a little love for my friends and family through the characters in the book. Unfortunately, there aren't many books with a Land Surveyor as the protaganist. This was an opportunity to expose the public to our passion.

Although I've written thousands of land descriptions, it didn't make me a writer. I don't even read books! I am a vivid daydreamer which makes reading difficult

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1. Log in to Twitter: Sign Up<br /> <br /

2. In your Twitter Settings, Check: geotagging.png

3. Post to Twitter via mobile phone using the Hashtag: #LSUfield.

4. Check our maps for your tweet & wait for responses via Twitter:

This is what we want our Bing/Twitter Map to look like in the near future:


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