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Help Land Surveyors United preserve surveying history and promote surveying education and social support world-wide! Share your experiences in surveying with us. Like what we are doing? Consider donating to our cause.  Below you will find surveying equipment brochures,manuals, guides and user documents.  You can also find Quick Start guides here on the network.  We also have a full documents library for you to browse.

Find more Surveying Hardware Documents and QuickStart Guides

Find Land Surveying Equipment Hardware Brochures

Land surveying equipment Hardware brochures and documents

Below you will find many land surveying equipment brochures for both hardware and software for you to utilize in the field. If you have a guide that you would like to add to this shelf, please send it to landsurveyorsunited-at-gmail.com along with a short description of what the brochure is about and who the manufacturer is. Also, if you would like a particular guide translated into another language, please write to same address above specifying which guide and which language. If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, send Skip Farrow of Palmetto Equipment and Supply a note. He can usually dig up just about anything you need and ships internationally.

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