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Huge Surveyor Community Updates - Surveyor App Suite Additions - Student Classrooms

Welcome to (almost the middle of) September Everyone!

First, a warm welcome to all of our newest members!  We are happy you joined us and look forward to learning from your experiences!   Our Getting Started Page has been updated and upgraded in a major way for both new members and those who have been here for years.  It is packed with ways to increase your visibility (if that's your thing) or simply build up your legacy in surveying for future surveyors to learn from.  Creating a well rounded and impressive surveyor profile takes only a few minutes per week -just share photos and videos of what land surveying is like in your area of the world.  If you have not updated your Profile information in a while, tell us what is new with you by editing your profile here.   In the coming weeks we will be releasing a major new app which puts the entire community controls in your hands.  For those of you who are SURVambassadors and Hub Admins (including Marketplace Vendors), you will be able to manage and update your hubs from anywhere!

2kxQqJ4We have a hand full of cool updates and news to share this week but we'll start with the latest Community Stats:

Our community growth is strong and that is because of YOU!  We are steadily approaching 15,800 Members Worldwide and 52,500 Land Surveyors on the Facebook Page  Don't think of this as merely numbers - think of it as collective years of land surveying experience that you can tap into while sharing your tips,tricks, insights  and finding help with your surveying issues from the field.

We send a big thanks to all of you who upload and embed helpful and relevant, surveying related tutorials for future generations,  our community now has 2072 Land Surveying Video Tutorials and close to 8000 surveyor submitted photos contributed by members of the community.  Our Photos Categories Page has been updated.   Our Video Categories page has been updated.

Our Marketplace is steadily growing with Hubs sponsored by Vendors inside the community.  Our marketplace is in a way like a mall for land surveyors.  Each Marketplace Hub is owned and controlled by either a Vendor of surveying equipment or software, a developer of innovative surveying software, authors of helpful surveying books or provider of unique land surveyor services. Each hub not only provides ways to purchase goods and services, the owners of the hubs also support their products inside the hubs.


Updates to Mobile Apps for Land Surveyors

We also send out a HUGE thanks to all of you who have written in suggesting App ideas!  We've got so many little app projects going on that we set up a subdomain to hold it all.  You can find it at https://apps.landsurveyorsunited.com

If you happen to be just tuning in, there are a growing number of Mobile apps being developed for Land Surveyors United members.  These apps do not have to be "installed" into your device.  They are web apps which work inside your mobile browser...both Apple and Android devices are supported and yes, they work on data collectors which have a browser.


Each app is actually a self updating web application driven by a sophisticated databaseof community content, meaning it will load in any mobile web browser without any need to install software.  Simply add the shortcut to your homescreen of your phone and open when you have something to share or need to find community assistance in the field or otherwise. 

TIP: Try any of the apps on your internet enabled data collectors as well as phones and tablets.


Apps for All Land Surveyors

Surveyor Dictionary App

Surveying Videos App

Apps for Employment Seekers

Surveying Jobs Search App

Surveyor Resume Pool For Recruiters

Apps for Surveying Equipment

Equipment Hunter App

Survey Equipment Support App

Apps for Connecting with Surveyors Locally

United States Land Surveyors Hubs

International Surveyors Hubs


3549889639?profile=RESIZE_710xIntroducing Classroom Hubs for Educators

Some recent studies have shown that education is more effective when delivered in a social context.  Our community has always been driven by the mission of removing barriers to education for land surveyors and providing a more welcoming environment for students to become interested in surveying and geomatics.   Several GeoEducators have inquired about possibility of hosting their Surveying Classrooms as Private Hubs inside the community.  Our new Classroom Hubs are coming packaged with their own forum, classroom blog, podcasting, events, photos and videos, etc.  You can now Request Your Classroom Hub here.

GeoEducators Hub for Connecting Teachers

Student Surveyors Hub 

Student Surveyors Page on Facebook




Land Surveying Jobs Update

3553448860?profile=RESIZE_710xFor those of you who have recently joined because you are looking for employment in Surveying, here are a few things to know that will help you find work much quicker.    New jobs are aggregated into the Surveyor Jobs Board (and this page) and this App every hour from most all locations around the world - we currently have a little over 17k jobs in the board.  Having the app added to your phone homescreen will ensure you see the latest jobs.   If you are like me and would like to be more proactive about finding employment and would like for recruiters to find you, make your community profile set to "Seeking Employment" so you will show up here for recruiters.  This tip works really well when you come back to the community and regularly add content such as photos, videos and forum posts which demonstrate that you know what you are doing when it comes to land surveying.  BONUS: Add your resume here to show up inside this app for recruiters and employers.

I bet Mr. Skip Farrow is smiling down from Heaven on us, so proud of what we are accomplishing together.  I am pleased to say that we are officially done with all of our migrations and now moving on to perfecting our apps, helping surveyors find jobs and a few other exciting upcoming releases that we'll just keep under our hats for the time being. Thank you all for being an integral part of the greatest land surveying community on the planet! Please remember that our community is currently and has always been powered by Member Donations so if you can contribute any amount, it is much appreciated.


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