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This has been an exciting year on Land Surveyors United! We crossed the 2100 member mark, made a bit of history and are gradually changing the game in the surveying industry! I would like to wish you all a happy holiday and new year. I look forward to an even better year in 2012! If you're still looking for some last minute gift ideas, besure to swing through the Quick Shop! Here's a bit of what has happened over the past 2 weeks:

NEW! Our New Network Mobile App for iPhone
(coming soon for Android) is Now Available for Free Download! Read More Here

NEW! Explore the depths of Land Surveyors
United and bookmark this special new page on the network called EXPLORE!

Congratulations to Deward Karl Bowles of Houston, TX for winning the Angies List Superior Service award for 2011! His company B and B Surveying tops the charts!

Land Surveyors University
If you're still running behind on submitting your evidence for Level One of Land Surveyors University, Don't get left behind! Were now opening Level Three! There are amazing prizes in the upcoming levels. Show off your surveying skills and teach others globally, while representing your area and building reputation online locally!.

US Group Forums You may or may not be aware that there happens to be another surveying site which has set out to clone our state group forums for land surveyors. Without going too deep with this, I just ask you to please take 2 minutes and join your state group, bring it up at the next local meeting and pass
the link to your regional association's director asking them to link back to the group. We could have all of the US states under one roof if we work together!

Surveyors To Meet!
Our community is continuing to grow at a steady and healthy rate and we're still the LARGEST social network for land surveyors anywhere on the planet!!
We've welcomed some terrific new members to the network with interesting backgrounds this week! Here are a few other new members that caught our eye due to their amazing contributions to the community. You might like to reach out to and swap notes.

Matt Harnett an extremely talented surveyor in Pennsylvania
Nick de Weger of Australia
Rodrigo Rodriguez Salazar of Bolivia
John McMahan of Colorado
Daniel Beltz Computer Repair Extraordinaire
Matthew Filus of Wisconsin
Michael Elbert of Israel
Shamsudin of Malaysia
Guntur Swarna Kumar of India
Charles Hester of Kentucky

We are currently looking for a few ambitious surveyors who might like to help with moderation of the following groups: Asia, S. America, India
See our Organization Structure as it currently stands and
let us know if you'd be interested in helping with moderation.

Highlights of the week

The General Public: Our First Hurdle by Matt Harnett

Ancient Lake Ripples by David Bosshard RLS

Android Survey Softwareby Daniel Beltz

Stripper: Confessions of a Land Surveyor [Part 2] [Part 3]by Pean Cheneying PLS

Use a Scale/Ruler to Measure Height of a Treeby David Bosshard RLS

Professional Ethics are a Must for Land Surveyorsby Deward Karl Bowles

Dive DEEP into the Forums and discover something new or Add a new discussion to the community forum.
Remember that ALL GROUPS have their own dedicated forum, so if you would like support on a topic, join a group based on that topic-it will already have members in it who share your interest.

in focus:
For those of us who still a bit confused or would like to know more about how Land Surveyors University works, check out this
visual presentation

Keep it up guys and gals! We're stronger than ever!

Land Surveyors United

Through the support and dedication of our members, the Land Surveyors United is supporting the careers of living land surveyors worldwide, long before they have a chance to receive history’s stamp of approval. When you become a member, you’ll continue to make land surveying matter, as well as enable the LSU members to continue making bold, forward-thinking choices in the industry through setting a professional example for surveying students around the globe. Build your reputation online locally, while inspiring and educating those new to the industry globally.

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