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Land Surveyors University (Level One)

Land Surveyors University Officially Open! Everyone starts here at Level One. Submit your mission evidence (info below) in order to receive invitation to Level Two and beyond.  Good Luck Surveyors!

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Land Surveyors University Level 1



Land Surveyors University- Level One 

     When you first applied for membership on Land Surveyors United, one of the questions you were asked was "How would you rate your level of experience on a scale from 1-10?"

     Welcome to Land Surveyors University, where we now have the opportunity to provide evidence of our individual level of experience, while helping others learn surveying fundamentals.  We will all begin here in Level One which will be the first level of achievement which must be passed in order to proceed to higher levels.  Each level will have a new task or set of tasks called 'missions'.  Each level's mission will be slightly more difficult than the level before.  All missions on Land Surveyors University have been created to demonstrate a challenge which a land surveyor of a certain level of experience should be able to easily accomplish.  The details of each mission will be analyzed by professional land surveyors across the globe just like you, and also by the administrators of Land Surveyors United.  Each mission should not consume much of your time, but will do a lot for your reputation and background as a surveyor.

Read More about the Mission of Land Surveyors University

Read About How Points and Levels Work Here

How To Complete The Missions and Levels
We have created a unique way to structure Land Surveyors University, its points and ranking system and a grand prize for the member who is first to achieve Level Ten status.  Completing the mission for Level One should be so simple that you could accomplish it in a few minutes.  However, the most important part of any mission in Land Surveyors University is submitting the evidence of your level of completion in one of the following three formats:

  • Another member testifies to your completion of the mission
  • You upload a photo to the network with description and location and tag it with 'Level1' subject tag
  • You upload a short video showing how you completed your mission

Everyone who completes the mission and submits evidence in at least one of the formats above will advance to the next level. (Level One only) However, not all of the formats above are worth the same amount of points (see how points work)

     More convincing evidence = more points earned. 

     As in the real practice of land surveying, the quantity and quality of evidence presented can have a profound effect on future.  In Land Surveyors University the effect will be on the future of the profession as a whole, for future generations to learn from.

You might say to yourself "I have already uploaded a photo of myself with a total station setup, can I get credit for that?"  Yes you can.  If it is relevant to the mission, you can simply go back to that photo on the network and edit it in accordance to the rules of the mission.

Submit Evidence of Your Level One Completion Here:

Start a new discussion below and tell us all about how you handled Level One Mission. Include any photos or videos you uploaded as supporting evidence and include them in your post.

Land Surveyor Forum - Community Discussions

Level One Missions Surveyors University

Started by ePalmetto. Last reply by Doug Watson Nov 2, 2012. 3 Replies

Land Surveyors University Level One Mission:Plan a SurveyChoose a location you have access to and describe how you would set up a survey for a development project. (residential, commercial,…Read more →

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Detailmeasuring for upcomming replanning of an old firemans training facility and complementary measurements for a terrain model from flightscan data. (LSU level one)

Started by Carl-Johan Ottekrall Jul 19, 2012. 0 Replies

The assignment was to make complementary measurements to raise the accuracy for a terrainmodel from swedens new national heightmodel, (a database with airial laserscannings of the whole country),…Read more →

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Reply by Michael Brandt on July 8, 2013 at 5:40pm

Looking for information on web based LSIT training. California. Also, needing LSIT exam workbooks if not being used.

Reply by AxeMen Site Prep on September 24, 2011 at 12:35pm

Best idea yet guys!  really cool.... i'm going to shoot my mission this weekend!!!

Reply by Scott D. Warner, PLS on September 23, 2011 at 6:11pm

Tarmaveeran, there are many jobs out there for you to choose from.  Please visit this link for more information.....

Meanwhile, you can demonstrate your skills here in the Land Surveyors University.  Level 1 is so easy that it is almost ridiculous, but as you show the world the skills you possess, you can say to an employer "here is what I am capable of".  It will all be available to them online.  As you advance to the higher levels there will be more opportunities for you to profess your knowledge and provide evidence of it.  There are also prizes to be won along the way to level 10.  How sweet is that?

Reply by Scott D. Warner, PLS on September 23, 2011 at 6:04pm

Tarmaveeran, there are many jobs out there. Please visit the LSU jobs board at this link >>


Meanwhile, you can demonstrate your skills here in the Land Surveyors University.  The first task is so easy that is is almost ridiculous.  There are even prizes given away at certain levels of completion.

Reply by Tarmaveeran on September 22, 2011 at 10:56pm

Hi Friends Im glad to join the group.....

Please let me know if there is any surveying job im doing freelance surveying. we can share our knowledge here... Thanks

Reply by ePalmetto on September 22, 2011 at 12:48am

GREAT JOB guys, this is great. The members that participate will not only improve their skills, increase there rankings for local searches when looking for a Professional Land Surveyor , plus they will be socially connected to the global survey world forever.

 This kind of competition brings us closer together, with no language barriers, only bold talent ...this takes the event "Surveyor Games" to a whole new level.

I say LET THE GAMES begin.  

Good luck to all who enter.

Skip Farrow


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