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When you first applied for membership on Land Surveyors United, one of the questions you were asked was "How would you rate your level of experience on a scale from 1-10?" Approximately 210 of us rated ourselves as a Level 10 land surveyor, which leaves about 2000 members who rated themselves between Level 1 and Level 9. In this global experiment, we will determine as a community what a land surveyors with Level Ten experience should be able to easily accomplish.


NOTE: Land Surveyors University is OPEN for Registration! We are now accepting registration for Land Surveyors University so members can educate themselves on the experiment and get started on the Level One Mission. Please sign up below to begin the process.


The Mission and Project

Welcome to Land Surveyors University, where we now have the opportunity to provide evidence of our individual levels of experience in land surveying, while helping others learn surveying fundamentals. Each level of Land Surveyors University will have 2 prizes, contributed by their corresponding sponsors. One prize will be awarded for the surveyor which completes the level first and the other prize will be for the member who finishes the level and has the most accumulated points. Read About How Points and Levels Work Here

See a Visual Diagram of How Land Surveyors University Works

We will all begin this experiment at Level One of Land Surveyors University, which will be the first level of achievement. Level One must be passed in order to proceed to Level Two and then to higher levels. Each level will have a new task or set of tasks called 'missions'. Each level's mission will be slightly more difficult than the level before. All missions on Land Surveyors University have been created to demonstrate a challenge which a land surveyor of a certain level of experience should be able to easily accomplish. The details of each mission will be determined by professional land surveyors across the globe just like you and also by administrators of Land Surveyors United. Each mission should not consume much of your time, but will do a lot for your reputation and background as a surveyor.

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How To Complete The Missions and Levels
We have created a unique way to structure Land Surveyors University, its points and ranking system and a grand prize for the member who is first to achieve Level Ten status. Completing the mission for Level One should be laughably easy for everyone on this network. It should be so simple that you can accomplish it while doing your regular field work and should take you no more than a few minutes. However, the most important part of any mission in Land Surveyors University is submitting the evidence of your level completion to the network in one of the following three formats:
  • Another member testifies to your completion of the mission
  • You upload a photo to the network with description and location and tag it with 'Level1' subject tag
  • You upload a short video showing how you completed your mission

Everyone who completes the mission and submits evidence in at least one of the formats above will advance to the next level. However, not all of the formats above are worth the same amount of points (see how points work) and the goal is to provide the most complete and convincing evidence of your completed mission. Therefore, more points are awarded for submitting more evidence. As in the real practice of land surveying, the quantity and quality of evidence presented can have a profound effect on future. In Land Surveyors University the effect will be on the future of the profession as a whole, for future generations to learn from.

If you have a general question or comment you'd like to leave in regards to Land Surveyors University, you can do so here. We welcome your feedback!

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