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Action 9: Woman upset by surveyor who did not follow through with promise

Original Post on Action 9 News

Your thoughts surveyors?

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  • I wonder what the surveyor's take on this is. How long between when he did the first subdivision and when the attorney gave comments? How long did surveyor wait to be paid the first time? There's always more to the story than the client's side.
  • This how I translate what the new reader said about the surveyor not having enough time and increasing the price.

    I am working on more important things at the moment as I don't spend all day waiting for your call to jump up and do as you wish strait away, I will get to you as soon as possible as I can only be in one place at a time.

    I have taken another look at what needs adjusting and the field work appears to be more in-depth.

    I dont know the full storey but thats what I would be thinking. I think he only jumped to attention to get the news on there way and onto the next storey...copping $600 is alot cheaper than any other headaches a news crew can make.

  • Party Chief

    At least he fixed it.  I hate seeing things like this in the news..

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