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Hello fellow surveyors!

(I'm not sure i'm posting this in the right place, if not then id be happy if mod could move it)

I'm real happy to be  part of this community! I'm a swedish surveyor and my plan is to relocate to Australia or New Zealand in the near future. I'm hoping to get some advice on how to increase my chances. I've started following a lot of companies on LinkedIn to get an idea of what they're after. When I arrive in Australia I will have (a part from a bachelor's degree in technical surveying) at least one year of experience from a large, nationally recognized, Swedish surveying company. 

I'd be happy to have any of the following questions answered: 

What are my chances of getting a surveying job in Australia, considering I won't be a licensed surveyor? 

Would you recommend that i stay here and get some more experience before heading over? In that case, how much experience would be sufficient?

My plan is to arrive on a working holiday visa (which permits me to work for one year, 6 months for the same company) but there is a skilled occupations list where basically land surveyors can get a permanent work permit(?). Should i invest time and money in this bureaucratic workpermit-process to start with or postpone it till i've gotten a surveyingjob on the working holiday-visa?

Many companies are looking for experience in a program called 12D, do you know if it's equivalent to Topocad, or maybe GEO? 

I'm guessing the standards differ from the Swedish SIS, how can i get a hold of Australian/New Zealand standards?

Im also planning to take a course that addresses project-leadership before heading over, do you think this is in demand? and is there any other courses that would increase my chances?

Do you have any other recommendations or tips that I could use to make this happen?

Best regards!!


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  • Land Surveyor

    Hello Sabi,

    In Australia, surveyors with local training are heavily favoured by surveying companies due to local laws and regulations. We have several foreign surveyors at our firm but they have local training in Australia. Foreign surveyors without local training tend to be involved only in construction roles.

    Surveying is on the skilled visa list but it is flagged for removal. This is because the supply of civil engineers has outstripped demand and civil engineers are starting to be retrained as surveyors. There have been changes in requirements and degree programs to make this switch easier.

    If you enter on a working holiday visa and want to move to a skilled visa this will not be possible if surveying is taken off the skilled worker visa list. Surveying firms may not take you seriously if you are on a working holiday visa. You probably should consider going through the bureaucratic process to get a skilled worker visa.


  • Student Surveyor
    Hey Sabi,
    I am a surveyor in California in the USA. I don't have any solid plans to move, but I have wondered about he possibility of working in Sweden as a surveyor. It would be the exact opposite of what you're doing...that is, I would be leaving a place with a very pleasant climate (I often work by the beaches in San's wonderful!) to work up near the Arctic circle (what am I thinking?) Most of my experience is in route surveying for the Dept. of Transportation ( Caltrans) . I am Mexican-American and I am nearly fluent in Swedish (en konstig blandning, vad?) what can you tell me about working in Sweden and the availability of jobs/ and requirements for surveyors there? Good look in Australia or NZ. Tack!
    • Land Surveyor

      Hey Martin! 

      There is a big demand for surveyors in sweden and there are plenty of jobs. I don't really know how work permits in sweden  are distributed but if you have a one i don't think it would be too hard getting a job. Different rolls require different education ranging from 5-year bachelor + masters to 2 year YH (yrkeshögskola).

      Check out jobs here;


      - arbetsfö

      Or just google title + jobb

      Surveyor jobs would be listed as;  Mätningsingenjör, lantmätare (NOT förrättningslantmätare), MBK-ingenjör, mät- och kartingenjör, mätingenjör

      To find out how your experience and education is regarded id recommend you to contact the recruiter in the job advert. 

      Good luck!, din guide i den digitala djungeln
  • Survey Legend

    Ran across this today for a job in NZ  thought it might be of interest

    • Land Surveyor

      Cheers! i've been wondering how far a swedish surveying license would get me overseas actually, i'll email them straight away. 

  • Survey Legend

    A couple of quick things you might consider:

    Get to know the other surveyors in these two groups

    Off the top of my head, Darren Noble may be of great assistance in Australia

    Keep an eye on this page for Surveying jobs in Australia

    and this page for Surveying jobs in New Zealand

    If you have photos  or videos of your surveying experience, upload them to the community and tell us what is going on in the photos... remember that experience is king and you are more likely to be hired if you can demonstrate your skils

    feel free to also upload your resume to this post and ill see if I can help get some eyes on it for you.

    good luck!

    • Land Surveyor

      Thank you for the fast response, much appreciated! I'm getting way ahead of myself but i'll be sure to upload resume, photos etc in time. 


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