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What is the Best Tripod?

As we all know, tripod performance can make or break a survey project. To your experience, what is the best tripod for total station? Any ideas?

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  • NEVER USE METAL! Your instrument will noticeably go out of level every time the sun comes in and out from clouds!


    Wood Rots


    Fiberglass is heavy


    I have been using Dutch Hill composites since 1990....still have my original 3 (+ 3 more now) in my "personal" work truck. I can still order parts for them as they are the exact same as a brand new one. They are extremely strong, rugged, waterproof and LIGHT! Hi-quality lever locking is the only way to go. The bands are adjustable with standard hex set.

    Only "improvement"/change in them in the last 20 years I know of is you can get 2 different "heads", 1 standard and an oversized one for heavier machines like older robots etc. Legs and all other parts same for both sized heads....you can tell a surveyor thought of these.

    I wouldn't use anything else.......so that is what I buy the crews too. So instead of replacing a tripod/year/crew...I only have to replace a PART or 2/crew/year. and no, I'm not a salesman. It's just that if every thing I ever bought performed like these legs, I probably would be retired now............

    • Thank you very much for sharing your experience with your Dutch Hill tripod. I just actually bought 2 Tri-Max tripods. I guess Tri-Max is of same construction with Dutch Hill - composite.
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    A tripod for a total station must have screws no lever locking, big head to force the TS position over the tripod, wood or aluminum depends on your shoulders, if there is too much wind in the area go for the heavy weights.
    hope it helps
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