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good evening everybody,

i am a junior surveyor working in cement plant in Africa.

i am a beginner to survey field.

in my project there are various buildings, i think columns of structure not in vertical.that's why i want to check my rectangular columns with lieca   builder 490.

plz tell me how i can check the vertical of columns with total station.

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  • Hey,

    If you want to establish the vertical and rectangular accuracy fo that buildings, you have to find the control points used to build those structures, then start collecting asbuilt info to compare what is built vs what was projected.

    • as mentioned by john earlier you set up the instrument and you could check the deviation in structure but you cant explain it to your engineer unless you convert the angular difference in to linear measurement.

      you must need to know this inside out...

      both systems grad & degrees are explained below

      unit Gon (400)

      1 gon                  =                 1m per 63 m

      0.001 gon          =                 1 mm per 63 m

      Unit degrees (360 degrees , decimal)

      1 degree            =                 1 m per 57 m

      0.001 degree     =                 0.001 mm per 57 m


      Read it like m, dm, cm or mm per 63 or 57 m

      you can now apply Pythagorean theorem to determine the value...  

      check object distance with reflector less or with prism.

      tan(angular difference) *dis= ans

      e.g:  difference was 25" in decimal 0.0069

      and distance is 50 m

      tan 0.0069*50=0.0060m


  • thank you jazu. the degree of verticality will depend on the structural design and loading of the building among other many factors such as the height. This should be provided by the structural engineer in charge. so you can tell him to give you the error allowed as per his structural design. I hope I have answered you. What i know is that there are complex structural calculations involving loadings that Geomatic engineers have to consult from other engineers.
    • thanks john

  • Can anyone help Jazu?

  • its very easy. first set the total station, that is, you put on tripod and level the bubbles. the place you set it should not be very far from the buildings you are checking for verticality. switch on the total station. you need not to set anything. bisect the bottom of one corner of the building and clamp the alidade of the total station. turn the telescope upwards as you sight through it. if the cross hairs move along the edge of the wall all along to top, then the building is vertical. but there may be small variations which are neglegable e.g deviations to left and right as you go up. but if there is a constant deviation to one side, then there is a problem with verticality.
    • thanks mr john.

      but i would like to know the rectongular structure is it in vertical or not vertical.

      if not vertical how much the error.

      thats why i can correct my rectongular structure.

      please tell me the correct solution.

      iam in big confusion

      how much error how i can say.. 

  • Party Chief

    This helpful document may help you with this...i used to have a tutorial but i'll need to dig it up when I get home..

    Total Station Document
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