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Surveyors.... several of you have asked how to record podcasts for uploading to the Surveyor Podcasts section of the site.  The following Free tool makes this incredibly easy.

Web app designed to facilitate instant audio recording on your computer or other browser-enabled device. One click and you can start recording.

Key features:

  • Works from any web browser
  • Record any audio source connected to your computer
  • Auto delete silence parts at beginning and end of recording
  • Integrated editing tool to polish final recording by trimming it
  • Save final recording as .MP3
  • No registration required


100% free.

My comment: Super-handy solution for recording audio messages, podcast episodes, or an interview you just had not foreseen, in the simplest way possible.



Try it out now:


Simply record your podcast and download it... then upload it to the Podcast feature and share.

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