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I was working on a topo the other day with our TSC3 and a Trimble S6 Robot. My data collector froze up while I was taking a picture to add to a previous topo shot taken. I had to reboot it to get it to work again....no big deal except having to reset the date/time and station setup again....

About 2 hours later, it did it again, but this time while I was taking a shot.  Anyone else have this problem and or a solution?

Thanks for any ideas.

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  • Land Surveyor

    Are you using Access or SCS900?

    I've never had one freeze with Access but freezing and crashing happened with increasing frequency when using SCS900 after approx' 9 months of heavy use.

    A regular message regarding memory was resolved eventually with either a firmware or software update (I don't recall precisely which).

    Use Trimble Installation Manager to check that firmware version is up to date. The whole extended warranty thing is a bit of a pain and a somewhat cynical revenue stream for Trimble but given that both the firmware and software are continually being developed and improved it's a necessary evil.

  • Land Surveyor

    Hi Robert

    I'm thinking too about a memory problem, if all other functions of your controller are working good and it "freeze" itself randomly.

    I suggest You to store jobs and pictures on the memory card, using an SD smallest than 4 GB. So, it allows to check if the issue is related with the NAND flash memory: if the controller still to crash randomly, the next step could be a total wipe out of the TSC-3 with a firmware re-install (and new set-up of Trimble Access, of course ...). In this case, before the reset, be sure You have a copy of every license/options number installed on your system. Otherwise, it could be difficult resume license by Trimble.

    If You put a fresh memory card, format it with the controller tools, not with PC, to ensure it made correctly the file system.


    Carlo Alberto

  • Mine has been freezing for ages. Furthermore when connected to the computer it is more often than not an unrecognised device. Only a hard reboot fixes it. Then yesterday it thumbed its nose at the S8 and just would not connect. What would be handy from Trimble is a bag full of excuses I could use when the concrete is setting in the truck and twenty blokes are standing around waiting for my next setout point that will not be setout until maybe the next day or the day after that. It's back with Trimble at the moment for a second attempt at fixing its problems. Methinks the planned obsolescence is kicking in just when the warranty is up.

  • Land Surveyor
    The TCS3 is very slow to process photos. You can adjust the quality/size of the photos you are taking to speed up the process. I don't think that your controller froze, it can take several minutes for a single image if the photo resolution is set high.
  • Land Surveyor
    Just from personal experience have had it happen not while using the TSC3 but trying to start up RTK service for gps. It's happened to me when my collector was very full with jobs. IDK if that's what happening with yours or not but may check to see how many jobs are in there and u may have to offload a few to a USB stick or your computer and then delete them in the collector. Just a thought hope it helps.
  • Land Surveyor
    I found this problem used to be a memory issue. I cleared all photos off every night. This seemed to alleviate the issue.
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