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Hi All,

One of the guys I work with has an old HP48GX, and we have started doing some small survey for our engineering projects.  I am not an HP48GX expert, but I did a little research on how to get it to communicate with Windows 10.  We bought a USB to Serial cord from http://www.samsoncables.com, downloaded the drivers from them, downloaded the hpcomm program, and a few others (I'm not in the office to see which other ones :-). I followed all the instructions from a YouTube video to try and communicate with the PC, but nothing happens.  Does anyone here have any experience with this, and can provide step-by-step instructions?

Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

-Seth Cohen

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  • Hi Seth, 

    I also forgot to mention, you can download a HP 50 G Emulator and the free Cogo LT Survey program from this same site if you like to see how it works. It's all free and you can get everything from this one site.just let me know and I will tell you how. Also if you buy a HP 50 G ,some come with or you can get a connect kit usb cable and program from HP that also works from the real calculator to the Emulator that networks all to the computer that you are connect to. You can transfer and back up files, drag and drop and all of this will work on Windows 10 .

    Plus you will also have files on the SD card also that can transfer,no problem.

    The Hp 48 GX is getting harder to find and buy,they are still a very advanced calculator

    and are worth more every day.  Just look on Ebay,treasure the one you are using.

  • HI Seth,

    Do you have a HP 48 GX manual. I can not send you one here it is 29.5 MB advanced is even bigger. But it is manly on advanced programming but also goes over transfers. The 48 uses Kermit language to transfer. The serial adapter has to match the 4 pins if used on the calculator end. I will assume you are connecting to the computer with usb. There are a lot of unknown variables here, like what kind of software are you using on the 48.This determine what kind of files you want to send. But a GX manual would help. My ? , is how are you storing variables in the calculator.Are they on a card or in HOME DIR. The calculator will also transfer in IR but you need a IR adapter.You can also transfer calculator to calculator wire or IR. Are you using it as a DC and connecting to the gun or how are you using it.Or you using it with just Cogo.Also I have never used  a usb connection  i have always used serial to serial or 4 pin to serial, but i not saying  this type will not work and that may not be your problem, but you still need a manual.

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    no idea.

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    The 48gx needs a NULL MODEM serial (special cable $20) or it won't transfer. Try Ebay
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      I agree with you.  Perhaps Seth does not understand that when you connect one computer (not device) to another computer (not device), the Transmit and Receive wires must be reversed inside a serial cable. Your serial cable transmit and receive wires are VERY LIKELY to NOT be reversed as most serial cables are sold to connect computers to devices.

      Another approach is to connect the two computers through a router (thus each ccmputer is on the local area net).  Network  cards and chips tend to work without worries about versions. Other problems can surface, but the actual connection of one computer to the lan and the other to the lan almost always works.  From then on the challenge is protocol.


  • Hi Seth,

    First what kind of files are you trying to transfer. Are you using survey software on the 48 and what kind.

    Most survey software has it own transfer programs that was wrote for the GX. These send CR5 files that have to be converted to ASCII.You need this conversion program also. These may not work with Windows 10. But here is Conn 4X ,it may work  if you can drag and drop the files.You can also try asking  at MOHPC  you have to join, but someone there, or the site may have these programs. Mine are registered, so i can not give you a copy. Hope this helps.



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    have you seenthis tutorial?

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