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I recently got T.I.M. installed on my work PC. The IT guy did it as I needed a system administer credentials. As I watch him do the work remotely I noticed he had to create an account. He used a log in to create the account. Since he was working remotely I couldn't tell him "shouldn't you be using my name and email". I suppose I could have taken control of the mouse and typed out a message to him but I didn't. Anyways he got it all installed and he tested it out my checking and install updates on a TSC3. Everything worked, he ended the remote connection and closed out the service ticket. I closed the program and had my lunch. After lunch I tried to open T.I.M. because I wanted to check out the SX10, R10 rover and S7 TS. Well I cant even open the program without the password. I messaged him and he said its the way the software is created. I asked him that if he would have created that account using my email would we still have this problem. He replied that I would still need admin creds.. Is this correct? Is there any sort of work around? U would think that this was intended for the surveyor and not the system admin to check for updates on survey gear.

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  • Welp the IT guy found a way, I mentioned to him that this was intended for the main user and not for an admin freezing his ass off on top of the office in -20°C to -30°C updating the GPS Base receiver. This is  his first full winter in Canada, he came from South Africa.

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      Glad you got it sorted out Jeff..

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