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I use a Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station which I've owned from new for 14 years. Apart from the odd wear and tear repair it been a great piece of kit until recently. I've experienced an intermittent problem with it's operation. It stops working and I get a message on my logger saying, "choral failure". I then have to re set up several times before it starts working again. I took it to my main dealer who had it for a day and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. ( korec UK). I've tried different loggers as well as different data cards.

Any ideas?? I plan to upgrade as soon as I can afford to, but in the meantime have to use this one which has served me very well and am still very fond of it. Thanks

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  • Hi Billy,

     Hi, I still have my HP Prime calculator but have not used for a while. I have to charge it up again. I did attempt to write an inverse program but never completed the coding. Thanks for the manual. I got to try the new Trimble S10 at out office last week. Bye.

  •  Hi Wayne, or everyone else who needs one.

     While, I am at it, here is a user Guide for the 5600.

    • Nice one, thanks.

  •  Hi Maurice, Are you still using your HP Prime. I wrote a inverse program in HP PPL and  macro RPN for it. The macro works great, the PPL works but I like to refine it a little more, but it does work.

     Are you asking for manuals or user Guides for the S series. I think I have some of the manuals.

     I will have to check with Trimble first. I am not sure whats in my LIB. But I have this in my data base.

  • Hi Billy,

      Do you know if there are any books published by Trimble for the Trimble S series instruments?  Thanks

  • Hi, If your gun will be in my hands I'll start with full (deep) cleaning. Most probably the problem is with electric contacts/corrosion due to the moisture. I doubt the problem appears if you using CU external controller or the radio with your instrument that has nothing to do with. Like any automatic hand watch ..the instrument needs proper service especially after 12 y. In the same time I'll clean CU also if you have. Had few instruments with same kind issue and no more problems.

    • Thanks for the advice, sounds like a good idea

      • Hi Wayne, if you like me to fix it and don't mind with shipping to Poland Warsaw you are more then welcome.



  • Hi, that is a new issue to me. What kind of controller are you using? We have a Trimble 5600 at the office where I work but it not robotic so I can see there are differences. It could be your radio module that needs to be replaced or something more serious. You should take it to the nearest Trimble dealer in the UK. 

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the reply. I'm using an elta unit. I've tried using different loggers and have left it with a main dealer for the day (£200) to no avail. It's not the radio as it happens in two man mode. The fault comes and goes.

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