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I have several surveying equipment and I am looking to install a tracking devise to monitoring their location. 

These are Leca TS09 and TS16.

Anybody have something similar or share their idea or a product?



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  • Oops ... I mis-confused your request about monitoring ! So you are looking for a tracking system ? Topcon is doing so and also Trimble ... so Leica will follow and it would cost 50$ to install a chipset GNSS receiver and transfer the data to a security centre. Probably the nicer idea would be to install it on the handler on the top of the instruments assuming the bad people will ignore that ... if you are interested, we can also develop such tracking system !!!

  • Dear Christian, I wrote several software for handling Leica Total Station so if needed do not hesitate to contact me while GeoMoS will do the job but it's rather expensive and probably not as appropriated for your applications ?

  • Hi Christian,

    I think that the people at Leica Will be able tot install some sort of GPS tracker in to your Total stations.

    • Hi Lars, 

      Thanks for your time. 

      I spoke with them already and they offered 'Alarm' app for TS16....

    • I'm currently looking to buy a Leica TS16 and am disappointed to find they have still have no tracking solution.

      Apparently they do have it in mind and are looking to integrate a tracker on to one of the circuit boards, but when it will appear and whether it will be an available upgrade I have no idea.

      They need to get a move on, PIN code protection hasn't worked because few people use them.  Topcon and Trimble are leading the way and there has to be a point where people stop buying Leica because of this.

      I have heard of people putting gps trackers in the instrument box, doesn't help if the instrument is stolen whilst on the tripod though. Perhaps a dummy second keyboard would have enough space for a tracker??

      • Hi Patrick,

        I agree with you that nowadays, such expensive instruments needs production not just for stolen devise but also monitoring the daily actives of land surveyors onsite to avoid the abuse at work and this kind of staff.  

        I spoke with Leica, and they offered Alarm for TS16 but its not that useful in my opinion

        Thanks for your time patrick. 

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