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I am a new user of Topcon's Toplink office software. I managed to open Topcon's *.tsj files with Topcon's Toplink software. It is a Topographic survey with a traverse that I did with a Topcon GTS 725 Total Station with  topsurv 7 internal software. It doesn't look like there is any way one can adjust the traverse interactively.

I see that the software only shows Compute Coordinates and TS Compute! That would be fine with me if all was well but I picked a bridge but it's graphically displayed where I don't expect it to be! Does anyone know how I could check the traverse and adjust it with Toplink or how I can export the . tsj file to Carlson SurvCE's .rw5 or Modelmaker Suystem / Surveymaker's .smo Observation file so that I can check possible errors before I go back to the site for a re-survey?

Please bear with me for the long question.

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  • Take a look at the attached documents and let me know if this helps..

    • Thanks a million. I am already reading the material. I believe it will definitely be of great help to me

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