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HP PRIME software for surveyingHi all. Merry Christmas. Does anyone have any cogo programs for the new HP Prime graphing calculator? Let me know. Bye.

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  • Hi Maurice, I think i was a sleep,i do not think i was saying i should have ,it had to be show, anyway found this,  i have seen some of his other vid's before  looks good but he is confusing me why he choose those Az for those directions,  he has to be swapping + ─ Quads,  haven't had time to look at it yet,and  why he is doing this,   you look at it too. .do not know why he would rotate the Quads,but i think he made a mistake because he uses 180,and 270 for due south and 180 has to west and 270 south got no problem doing this ,you can't have both. check it out.



    he did use 180 for west at the end i think the program at close,  inversed from pob to poe . i think i have to forget RP lisp. to think this HP PPL its confusing me.  i keep wanting to write it. i am just going to start over. if  i can. that will be hard.

    billy,  and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  • hey Maurice, did i should you this site


    also this is my french Hp site


    it has a lot of good stuff for the prime if you can not read french use google translate.

    i downloaded a HP 50g and a HP 35s from here and  and they let me install English programs there is a lot of Hp prime lessons here. you might  want them


    HP Prime Links and Resources
    Web Links:  Re  views See Laura Harich show off HP Prime on the US TV show Designing Spaces. Here . The Tech Powered Math blog, written by a TI aut…
    • Seeking Employment

      Hi Billy,

         No, I never saw this link until I read your comments. I looked at the site. I have to go to work so not much time to investigate. Thanks for your help. Happy Easter.

      Yours truly,


  • Hello Maurice, I forgot to asked you ,do you use RPN calculators also.


    • Seeking Employment

      Hi Billy,

       Yes I use other HP calculators, I have an HP33 and HP49g+. But where I work I do not use the calculator very much even though I am working in a land surveying office. The company has an in house systems called copan. Bye.


  • Hello Maurice, This  is a good collection of prime programs .I thought i had found you a inverse program ,but the text. is in Portuguese. But all you Portuguese surveyors here are a few programs in Portuguese for the HP Prime. But Maurice i did see an ephemeris program and a few more you might like. And there was an EQU. list download. Do you have a connectivity kit yet.Still looking, for survey progs.prime

     Got my manual on programming HP PPL  language. talk to you later



  • Hello Maurice, Check this site out, a lot  of good stuff , HP prime calculator portal




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