Hey there, I am looking for some insight as to the functionality of the Spectra Epoch 50 system. 

I am looking at purchasing a set which will be run by the spectra precision S3 controller running Survey Pro. Has anyone had much experience with these units?

How well do they track in light tree cover?

What is the best external radio to pair with it; as I heard the internal will not get you too far?

What is the build quality like? Is it somewhat comparable to an R8, as I hear it has the same R8 model 3 motherboard inside?

Is there any post processing software available other than proprietary Spectra Office?

This will be used along side a Trimble S6 all run through survey pro

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. These receivers are at an affordable price when I bundle them with a used s6. 

I am attempting to start my own contracting gig and these would be the entry level units that I can afford to start with and hopefully replace with higher quality gear down the road. 

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The Epoch 50 is not a bad unit. It work good under light tree cover. The best radio to use with it would be a Pacific Crest 35W Radio either a DPL or ADL..

My company bought two of these complete set ups brand new. We also used the Pac crest PDL/ADL 35w radio, worked great.  Like the other reply, works ok under light tree cover with US sats. If glonass is an option with this set up, better under heavier tree cover. Ours are 5 years old, maybe 6. Still working well with minimal repairs other than battery replacement. Make sure you can get batteries for it because you'll go through them a lot  if you use it all day, on a daily basis.

We also used survey pro software. I dont prefer it, but it is easy and functional if you have some experience with it. USB/camera capabilities on some models. Beaming files from collector to collector was nice to share data. also can pair with phone via bluetooth to upload files, nice when you're on the go/remote and dont have acceess to a computer.

The epoch 50 unit will wear down a bit if heavily used, not as sturdy as the trimbles or leicas we have, but the epoch 50 still works with minor bumps and bruises. 


Like you mentioned, a decent piece for a start up with aspirations of upgrading down the road. Also, ours were new, so if the ones you are looking at are quite old, just verify they work well and haven't been dropped.


post processing, you can use TBC if you have when you purchase your s6


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