Hi everybody,

I bought a second-hand Leica TCRA1103+ total station and I am new to the Leica world, since I only had Sokkia instruments so far.

The total station I bought didn’t come with any PC program for the management of the data.

I am wondering what program I might use (the simplest the better) to manage the data with the Leica TCRA1103+ total station. What I need is a very basic program that allows me to do essentially the data transfer and namely I need:

  • To prepare the point lists with coordinates and to load them into the total station;
  • To convert the data downloaded from the total station into DXF or DWG file, since I do virtually all my job in Autocad;
  • Any further functions would be welcomed but, at present, are not essential for my purposes.

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Massimo,
all the survey software can import GSI 16 format. So, no problem with your TPS1100 ... I've had two of those (TCRA1103 & TCRA1102PS) several years ago.
Choose the one You prefer ... all are fine. It's a matter of taste ... and money! 
Carlo Alberto

Thanks Alberto,

I wasn't actually looking for a survey software, but just for a small program that lets my PC talk with the total station and converts the GSI data (even to a CSV format would be fine, since I have Sokkia Spectrum Link that can do the CSV to DXF conversion).

I have tried Leica Survey Office but, apparently, it doesn't work properly on my Win10 64-bit computer (the Data Exchange module does work, but the Coordinate Editor module doesn't).



Hello Massimo,

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that with the 1103 it's possible tot select the output (or import) file to be an ASCII format. And those can easely be modified with programs like textpad, or import them in Excel en save as a csv file.

Regards, Lars

Thank you very much, Lars.

You are right. It works perfectly.

It was simpler than I thought. I just set up the conversion directly from the total station and then downloaded the ASCI file.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Prego. I'm glad I could help you.
Good luck with your 1103.

Kind regards,


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