Good afternoon from England.

Apologies if this has been asked before, but is there a (ideally free) software utility for calculating a stockpile volume from a csv (or dxf) file?

I've got several piles of excavated materials and the client needs to know the volume of the materials removed.

Any help or advice (or a link to a download) would be very helpful and appreciated.

Thanks folks.

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Have you checked the data collector/controller you're using? There are some obscure useful functions, hidden in those things now a days. Exporting a report may not be available.



You can download Trimble Business Center from Trimble site it's free, You don't have full licence but you can do a lot of useful stuff.

Hi, I've downloaded TBC and I'll give it a go - thanks for the suggestion.

Ah, TBC does not allow the creation of surfaces and volumes unless you purchase a license.

Yes there is a software free download that you can use for this TOPOCAL. The text below is the link:


Hi, there's a problem registering Topocal at this time, I've emailed the dvelopers and hope to hear back soon - thanks for the suggestion.

Still waiting to hear back from the developers...  Looks like useful software, just need to get registered and give it a try...

man look that sheet, maybe serve.CSV2DXF%20v4.01.xlsm

Hi friend, check this out CadTools

Hi, Cadtools looks interesting - I'll download it and give it a try - many thanks for the sugestion.

CAD tools is a useful set of tools - you need to make a donation to unlock features like volume calculations but given the number of tools in this package it's a vorthwhile investment.

As far as I can see, there's two ways of calculating volumes which give two different results.  I'll see if Paul Williams can run the stockpile survey through N4CE and compare the results.

you should try google and search for free volume calculators.


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