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I want to up load shape files to my trimble nomad. We are using terrasync 4.2 and pathfinder office 4.1.

I was told to import the shapefiles into pathfinder office, create a datadictionay, imort the data dictionary, and then I would be able to see all the difffrent data in the shape file in diffrent colors. I see there is no way with out arcpad, to be able to see your DATA, such as point infomation and line inforamtion. But if I could create seperate colors for each, that would be just as good.

Thanks for all your help.

As well if any one knows how to create custome projection files for the same unit that would be great.ThanksI have created my custome projection. It was a simple error on my part. Now I have that I have to import it into my Trimble unit. We shall see how well that gose.

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  • I have the answer no to this issue. it is simple now that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Create a new data file with your GPS unit (Geo xt Pro Xt ect..) (start a new file).
    2. Make sure you chose your data dictionary that you want to use and that it has sysmblos for all the features you want to show as back ground data (such as Leave trees, or Rail road tracks and so forth.)
    3. Now (with out collecting any data) close your file, and import into Pathfinder office. (it's a .ssf file)
    4. Assemble your background shape file (what files you want as bacground data).
    5. Import these files one at a time to pathfinder office. Using the Utllitles then import tool, this will turn the shape files into imp files. Make sure your files are in the correct projection.
    5. Name youfiles a relavent name. Such as leavetrees.imp or railroad.imp.
    6.Once you have imported all your files, you can now use the combine feature in Pathfinder office. This will aloow you to creat a .ssf file to which you can later load into your GPS unit.
    7.Use the Combine tool in utlities and select teh data sets you want. Nam the out put file something you will remeber or that is relavent to your project.
    8. OPen pathfinder office navigate to your new file (.ssf) and open up map view. You should see your data. Iin the data dictianry format you desinged earlier.
    9. You can now at this point change colors or leave hem as is. Once you done save the changes and then transfer them to your data logger.
    10 once the files have been transfered in the data logger, you can use them as a existing file, and add to it, or you can transfer them as a background file, and use them as only refrence points.

    11. Once they are in the unit you can use them how you like. The one thing I am still working on is how to get the attributes to show up as well when they are set to background data.

    i want to be able to see the or find out the nake of the street, with out the opption of beign able to edit the features. My opperatiors are likly to some how get confused and or collect bad data.

    I hope this helps any one out there who was looking for the same solution I have.

    Good luck and have fun mapping.
  • GEO Ambassador

    Ok...let me see if i can point you in the right direction.  Have you seen this support page on Trimble? http://www.trimble.com/terrasync_ts.asp?Nav=Collection-4576

    someone in here seems to have a similar problem and there are some replies: http://forums.esri.com/Thread.asp?c=34&f=2359&t=260868


    HowTo: Create projection metadata (.prj) files for shapefiles



    let me know if these help at all...i'll keep digging too! good luck!
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