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Hi Guys:

This days I am using Leica total station that Leica operating system has something called

 “Scale factor”.

I am using Leica TS03-7” manufactured 2010, made in Switzerland and used GPS to establish control point.

This are my problems

  1. Should I care scale factor when doing large scale surveying and sitting out?
  2. What is the real idea of scale factor. thanks

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  • Total Stations do not have any scale factor dude, its depend on your work area national grid sacale factor,ask to your national surveying agency about your area scale factor

  • Student Surveyor

    Will answer your qns the other way round to hopefully give you a better understanding. Cheers to the rest for some good explanations. May be wrong and please correct me if I am wrong. Am a student surveyor and sharing what I learnt!

    1. Scale Factor is the correction applied when you calculate what you measured against the projection/coordinate system you used. If Scale factor is not applied to your total station measurements. When you tie up your GPS control points via traversing, you will find that your traverse will not close well and have bad accuracy.

    2. In Large Scale Surveying, you definitely would like to apply scale factor correction to your measurements to ensure their accuracy.

      However in setting out works, the distances between your controls and stake out points would be short enough (hopefully it's short or you are gonna have problem with angular swings) that scale factor corrections are negligible.   

  • How are you a surveyor when you don't know what scale factor is ??? - Here in England we use it on 90% of surveys. The use of a map projection always introduces distortions into your data in the form of scale factors, which make ground distances different from plotted distances. There are also small differences between grid directions and true directions. These distortions are inevitable when the curved surface of the earth is represented on a flat plane.

  • Scale factor becomes important when using national grid coordinates on a projection as opposed to plane coordinates on the horizontal plane. The errors in distance between distances measured a total station and those calculated from national grid coords will in with distance. There may also be an error in measured distances between coords from GPS using National coords as opposed to total station distances.

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