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We've got new instruments with Leica SmartWorx Viva software (Leica TS15 and MS50) and I'm keen on one thing - is it possible to set up controller as a simply mirror of total station (like e.g. Leica 1200 series)? I often switch work with controller and work behind the total station on one station and it's not user friendly to exit programs and change card between devices more time on one station.

  • It seems that everyone with the exception of FIRAT above get's the point about having to switch from CS15 to TS15 and vice Versa. We currently have a TS15 on trial from Leica's reps (Thank you SIS) in Ireland and to be fair its a quite a good piece of kit - albeit the CS15/TS15 issue.

    However having grown up with the Leica 300/700 series we graduated to the 1100 series (robotic) and we got used to being able to see what was happening on both screens. We still have a TCRA1105 with the RCS1100 controller which still gets brought out fairly regularly and it never misses a beat. When we first got the 1100 series we immediately realised we no longer needed 2 way radios (as was neccesary with the 300/700 series) when it was necessary to have a surveyor on the pole and a man behind the TS. ie Overgrown areas and areas with security issues. The man on the total station did the pointing and shooting whilst the surveyor controlled all the coding - This was (And still is) extremely efficient for some types of surveys. ie both parties knew what was happening because they could both see the screen.

    We upgraded to the 1200 series which was a huge leap forward (except for the fact that when either the TS operator or the surveyor the 1200 RX1220 wouldnt "BEEP" (As the 1100 series did) when the other pressed the buttons on the keypad - not a deal breaker but annoying nonetheless considering that the 1100 series operated in this way. I raised this at the time but I was told by to live with it.

    We have operated with the 1200 series instruments since 2006/2007 and to be fair they rarely miss a beat - save for a recent issue (A whole different problem - a discussion for another day) .1205

    Role on to the current Viva series - beautifully engineered and feels nice and rugged. Probably has loads of added functionality over the 1200 series (which I probably will never use - because of the type of work we do) but the kicker is the reduced functionality. As I mentioned previously we have a TS15/CS15 R400 combo currently on trial and during recent test side by side with TCRP1205 R400 the TS15 was a good 10-15% slower. Just so the doubters know - Exactly the same survey was carried out with the same level of detail.

    The TS15 is slower to boot up than the TCRP1205, it is slower to do a station setup (that will probably improve) and it is slower to use in a daily surveying scenario because of the whole swapping from TS to CS. Andy Roberts mentioned above that this is the biggest single Faux Pas that Leica have committed in a long time. Andy you are 100% correct.

    We are long term (15 yrs) Leica users (Purchased 6 total stations in that time) and now we find that we are looking at other manufacturers. We currently have a Trimble S8 1" / TCS3 on trial (Thank you KOREC) and while it has the same issues as the TS15/CS15 coupled with a complete lack of a screen at the S8 gun (We know that you can add a TSCU screen) we are currently in 2 minds as to which gun to buy.

    The S8 is much much quicker to boot up and to perform a station setup, has incredible reflectorless range and is pretty good to track and lock the target (in open areas - not great in foliage). All round it is a good piece of kit.

    However all things being equal the instrument of choice out of all the above for all of our survey crews is the TCRP1205 or even the TCRA1105 - particularly in overgrown areas where it is just not possible to track a target in 1 man / robotic mode.

    We have'nt given up on Leica yet but unless they start listening they may not have us as a loyal customer any longer

    Of course You can drive a car using one hand , and for example change radio stations etc. on your radio panel , but isn't easier to use steering wheel buttons ?

  • Or maybe :

    Change gears manualy driving for example Audi R8 instead of using paddles , which is more efficient ?

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