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I am looking for input regrading reflectorless total stations. I utilize a TOPCON 802A robot in my solo operation. It is a great instrument that I purchased new in 2002, but does not have reflectorless ability. I am exploring adding a light reflectorless total station that could take some load of the robot for use in general traversing, preliminary cadastral work and add the reflectorless ability I am looking for.

I am somewhat partial to TOPCON, use SurvCE for collection software and would like dual-axis compensation, 1,000 foot reflectorless range and would be happy with 5" angular accuracy.

Any recommendations or past experiences would be very much appriciated.

Thanks in advance,

Matt (in Wisconsin)



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  • Matt,

    I think you should do a side to side demo between your Topcon and a Leica TCRP-1200.   I think you'll find that with Carlson and the power search option the Leica can't be beat. It also has the smallest diameter eek beam on the market making it one of the longest and most accurate systems out there. In addition you get rid of your dog whistle ( the RC unit ), which alone is flawed in design.   Again the most important aspect in finding a new instrument is having good repair support behind it and choosing a manufacturer that doesn't discontinue parts quickly once a new model is introduced to the market. 

    Let me know if I can help. You should be comparable in price between the two. 
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