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precise station in survey work

dear all,

im new to survey work.

i need to know that what is precise station carrying process in survey work.

i am working in a power plant construction. 

i am always carrying my station with resection option in leica ts 02.

i got 2 reference points from client side surveyor, next what i need do?


please explain me the correct process to do preliminary survey after getting 2 control points from client.

looking forward your answer


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  • I would agree with Arnel, 

    What you have shown is not the accuracy of your results but the standard deviations of your readings. 

    What Arnel talks about is the accuracy it is able to achieve in ideal conditions but we know thats always far from ideal. 

    What Peshawa have shown us is the standard deviations of your observations. I would reckon you occupied a long time to achieve a good baseline for processing. But this is not the accuracy of the point but more of the precision of your observations. 

  • Precise Station or point means control point, weather elevation station or coordinate station.

    control point is a primary high precision and accuracy.

    For starting any project the area should be covered with a primary control points ( must cover the whole area working from the edges to the center according to the terrain and the site plan).

    Precise Station if elevation must be established from a precise leveling from the mean sea level using digital level or any high accuracy instrument.

    if coordinate must be from GPS with Static program which obtain accuracy -+ 0.6mm ( it will be great if you establish a network with GPS)

    After you can establish secondary control points from primary control points using Total Station and so on.

    note: GPS coordinate data cannot be used for Total Station directly it needs a transformation or entering grid factor in Total Station.

    • Are you aware that best tribrach provides 1mm centering error? Are you also aware that optical plummet also provide verticality error? Are you also aware that your 1200 ideally provides an accuray of 3mm+0.1ppm on long static? Good luck my friend.
      • It's ok friend if you don't believe I just wanted to help. Good luck to you too.

    • Did you mind reading the GNSS literature? How about your Leica manual? Your tribrach alone can't cope up with your +-0.6mm. Please...
      • what you mean by literature ?

        this tribrach alone using static program and then performing post processing for error elimination, and this photo can explain accuracy(quality)


    • GPS with +-0.6mm accuracy? What brand? I am a long user of Leica and I don't get any closer to that value. Please let us be factual here if we wish to help.

      • I think it was Leica 1200+ I worked on, using Static technique taking observation for up to 15 minute and then post processing using Leica Geo Office for correction related to CORS data you can get that accuracy.

  • "please explain me the correct process to do preliminary survey after getting 2 control points from client."


    1. Check given control points.
    2.  Two points  not be enough for resection option, because there is a small reversal of the coordinate system(this can be verified in practice), so needs to use the three points and more. Make the development of the existing system of points received new points in this coordinate system. Observing the requirements of accuracy, use one of the methods: traverse(secure a total station, using surveying accessories, least squares analysis) or use GNSS.


    • There are tons of reading materials in the internet.

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