I'm about fed up with these 25' telescopic rods. The buttons always seem to get stuck or break... Do they still make the Philadelphia or Frisco rods? Or maybe just the replacement strips. If so does anyone know where I can get them?

Also, Is there anyone else out there that feels the same as me? I'm not sure if the manufacture stopped making them because no one wanted them anymore or if it was just cheaper and more profitable to make the fiberglass telescopic ones. I used the same rod the entire time I was in the field, this past year I have had to replace my crews rod 3 times...


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 Hi Josh ,

There are a few who still make wooden rods. You may find more with aluminum rods like the 

Philadelphia or Frisco and the sliding two section Chicago Rod. Check ebay for older rods for sell. The Alum. two sections Chicago rods work great ,a lot of companies sell them ,they just do not go up to 25 FT. Great for BM's third order work. I have always like wooden rods for BM's ,but the Alum. work very well. Hultafors made in Sweden, are sold here in the US. They are hand made wooden rods. They have been making them and a lot of other tools for along time. But you may find some great buys on ebay too. I would call some suppliers to find these if you want New. I am like you I have had bad luck with those buttons. When they first came out I called them Dirt Rods instead of Grade, lol.












If you buy CST/Berger level rods you can get replacement parts.


Or  toll free number 888 982 6540 To asked for parts,maybe they have replacement Face.

I may be spoiled or OCD but I have two level rods.  First one never really past the lower two sections - I use it in the dirt, water or whatever.  Used on staking jobs and such.  Manhole drops go more of course and yes the dirt and grit tear them up.  The second rod never sees dirt for the reasons you describe.  Only use it for bench circuits and I have a turtle to go with.  It stays in the bag and gets wiped down regularly.   no problem with sticking or rubbed off numbers.  Just take care of the gear is all I'm saying.

I would replace your crew if they went through three rods in a year. That or start payroll deducting them. I am guessing better care and handling will come about quickly.
Hey Josh,

I've found in my 23 years, the last 14 being in construction surveying. I went through lots of 25' rods.... my solution was to go to Cranes 16' aluminum rod which has last an exceptionally long time!!! Now soon I'll look at replacing it, but only because the numbers are getting hard to see! With the fiberglass you always had broken buttons, sections that break at the 4 foot area and to replace just one section at the same price as a whole new rod is ludicrous!!! There are other alternatives to the 25'. Just shop and find what works for your surveying. Good Luck!!

Hi Josh, 

 These People,still sell Chains (highway steel tapes) and chaining pins. I have used them for many years.

If anyone can get you what you are looking for it is them. I bought my first HP 41 CV and CX from them

many years ago.It was the only place I could find the anvil forged Collins machetes back in the day.

The best machete every made. I know they have Philadelphia rod types by Crain ,so may be they have what you need. Anyway good people to buy any surveying supplies from. 


Thanks everyone for these great suggestions!

I have been snooping around on ebay and bought a few. I'm not sure if they will be in field ready shape until they get here, but I'm willing to take a chance and see if I can revive it back to its former glory and put it back to work. I will still keep the 25-foot fiberglass one just for dipping manholes tho.


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