Im currently using a Leica GG03 Receiver and connecting to a few different public base stations with NTRIP,

Although 10 cm accuracy is sufficent in most cases, we ocassionally need centimeter level accuracies on ocassion for boundary location. This unit has those capabilities but our acquisition times are very slow and centimeter accuracies are for a very short time? Im new to Surveying via NTRIP and public base stations, i have always used local base setup with UHF Radios for corrections. I know the base stations we currently use are over100km away, is this the problem? Any other info regarding NTRIP and using this technology would be greatly appreciated.

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Try running a few - 3 or 4 Rapid OPUS sessions at 15 to 30 minutes occupations - either on boundary marker or control points you establish.  Once you get your cm or better positions on these points you can calibrate your local work to them just like if you'd setup a local UHF Base Station and eliminate or minimize your range errors.  Worth a try anyway.

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100 kilometers (62 miles) is a pretty long distance. Not sure that will work for CM accuracy work.

Are you using a single baseline or network solution?

Do you have correction stations surrounding your work area?

Are all of the correction stations covering all the constellations that you are using (usually GPS and GLONASS)?

I work with the Florida Department of Transportation real-time network. They say the limit on single baseline is about 7 miles. Beyond 7 miles, you should be pretty well circled with correction stations and choose a network solution. Not sure what the distance limitation is on a network solution. 


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