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A surveying application for performing topographic calculations, developed by experts in the field of surveying engineering.The target audience for this software consists mainly of surveying engineers, but also includes engineers of other disciplines as well as cartographers. The application enables calculation of point coordinates with known grid bearing and distance, calculation of grid bearing and distance between two points with known coordinates. Also solves the problem of resection and intersection with the capability of inserting angle or distance measurements. Lastly, it calculates the measuring elements of stakeout points such as horizontal clockwise angle and horizontal ground distance.
Earth curvature correction and scale factor is used in calculations. Settings for units, scale factor etc, are saved automatically.

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  • How do they collect data? Dose it produce a ascii file? How do they coordinate tangent plane data with geodetic coordinates? That is not a problem in local areas involving short distances but it must be addressed over long distances to maintain any kind of reliable control. Looks like it may be a good tool if it works but what I see looks like plane old COGO. I think NGS has a better solution.
    • The app itself has the option of choosing the grid scale factor of the cartographic projection the user is using for his job, it wont be wise to predetermine that in the app, its better for the land surveyor to insert that value on his own.

  • If it doesn't have storage of points by Pt# and calculations by Pt# then it's useless.
    If no ability to export coordinates then it's absolutely useless.
  • Looks really cool.. thanks for sharing!

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