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Looking for a National Surveyor Standard Line Types for Drafting.  I have searched and searched for one on the internet, but no luck.  What I am really looking for is a national standard for a fence line type.  If someone could point me in a direction where to find such information it would be greatly appreciated! 

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  • Found what I was looking for in the United States National CAD Standards.  Thanks

    • to share with us what you found?

      • Sure can.  It is similar to what we are using now other than ours has a mask/break in the line where the X is.  I attached a scan of the page out of the standards.  One of our CAD IT guys had a hard copy of the National CAD Standards, he said if he remembered right the manual was like $600!!

  • Here are a couple of things i dug up while searching in different ways...hope these might help (if you haven't already seen them)

    standards manual for CAD

    • Thanks for your reply.  I have found things similar to those, but everything I found has been regional or for a city.  We are semi happy with what we use now, just seeing if there is a standard for the US or maybe Texas.  As of right now we are using a continuous line with a single X equally spaced every so often.  

  • Guess I should say a United States National Surveyor Standard Line Types for Drafting.

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