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Missing Monument.

The elements of bearing and distance can control only when the called-for monument is missing. True or False

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  • Hey Paul, 

    Thank you for replying to my questions. I enjoy the input from active surveyors. My instructor

    has also made reference to surveying as detective work. I suspect this is why I would like to try my hand in surveying. "Walking in the footsteps of the original surveyor" has a ring to it.

    What's it like growing up in rural Maine? Never been that far NE.

  • Hello Clint,

    Thanks for the association, I look forward to talking with you. I just passed the Oklahoma specific exam and have surveyed in Oklahoma....Elk City, Calumet, El Reno, Valliant...beautiful country. I grew up in New England living in rural Maine.


    You will find that surveying is more like detective work when solving boundaries. You have to search and find all possible evidence. Once found you must weigh what you have and find a "preponderance of evidence" a fancy surveying word meaning a trend or a pattern or a best fit between what is recorded and what you found. In your text by Brown or if you have Gurdon Wattles " Writing Legal descriptions" you will find "Rules of Construction". This is an ordered list of evidence found that tells you what evidence is given more weight than others. If you review this it should answer your question.

    Good question Clint, See You, Paul

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