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  • The referenced Back sight point is not in either the Work file or the Control File.

    Also I would use Leica LGO 8.4 to process the survey data. You lose a lot of the capabilities of the instrument when you export to a *.RW5 file.  LGO will process all of the Smart Station Setup routines. 

    Known Back Sight, Known Azimuth,  Multi-point Resections, GPS Smart Station.


    Leica System TCRP1200 Smart Station, GPS 1200GG

  • Party Chief

    here are the 

    Leica Smartworx manuals and guides if you need them...
  • Not too familiar with the software, but does this persist indiscriminate of an open or closed Traverse? Are you using a DC? If you are only using the face plate plate functions, you may have failed to store the point on the initial set out.
    • I am using a cs15 leica data collector. i stored the point but it randomly does not show up in the raw file. 

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