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Lyme Disease

      Nasty thing that Lyme disease. I recall working down in the Carolina's doing subdivision surveys and at the end of the day picking of 20-30 of those Black Legged Ticks from my bare skin before jumping into the shower. Never thought much about it back then. Then I got back to Nova Scotia in 2008 and word on the street was that we are now in a controversial global warming deal.

      Then our Youth Pastor in our local Nova Scotia church was stripping off to jump in the shower and his Mrs. spotted the telltale "bulls eye rash" on his shoulder. They went immediately to the doctor and got a bunch of antibiotics to knock it out. They were successful. That got me to doing more research and found a bird hunter who used dogs and they always came home full of ticks in their fur anyway his research led him to "Rose Geranium Oil" (Pelargonium capitation x radens) after putting on a few drops on his dogs collar he never seen another tick. So I thought I'll wear a bandana around my neck under my shirt 24/7 and put an eye-dropper full of Rose Geranium Oil every Sunday 9 months of the year. I put a couple of drops inside each boot insole also. I have not seen a tick since. Please do not forget your pet collars also. Just Sayin, you do not need the hassle of lyme disease friend. Bigger companies may want to consider giving this memo to their safety department.

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  • That Lyme disease sure is a wildcard. Some people can just suffer through. Others go right off the deep end.
  • That rose geranium oil might be a tool of the Lord.
    • Thanks for input guys, now I hate to be negative I really don't like making negative declarations. You talked about the fight I had trying to get the Nova Scotia Medical Society and Doctors Nova Scotia to recognize that there really is a thing called Lyme disease they were in denial man. You get the feeling the if you come up with the cure for something they might not have any more work to do. Goodness Gracious I didn't say that out loud.
      • Ritchie,

        You are not the only one that has noticed that. Patients are expendable, especially if they have exhausted all the angles to make a profit on you! If you don't fit one of the pigeon holes in their check off list, forget it!

    • I have always gotten at least one tick each year. When younger, I never thought that getting Lyme would be that bad, I was tough as nails and never thought I was going to be old and decrepit. Well it caught up with me some time around 2000 when a few of my clients strongly suggested that I see a doc because I was always sick. Went to my doc who was an infectious disease specialist and she had no idea. Tested for lots of exotic diseases and kept getting odd results. Wife and the rest of our company though I was dying. It literally knocked my legs right out from underneath me.

      In 2006 went out of state to California to the closest tick borne disease specialist. After a LOT more testing it was finally diagnosed as Lyme and Texas Cattle Fever. Three years of multiple types of antibiotics, with lots of probiotics to counter the long term exposure to the high does of antibiotics. In 2010 those same clients got us on a plane to Mayo Clinic to see if they could figure out why I was not getting better. They said it was too late for me. I had to learn to live with it.

      At least I am not in a wheelchair. I am still surveying, climbing hills in the Oregon coast range. I am blessed. God has been there all along. He told me at the start that I would not die. A few times I wanted to, but His plan is always the best way. Not sure if the hundreds of pills I was taking is the cause or all those little spirochetes that have taken over my body has destroyed my immune system. I just look forward and accept the pain and physical limitations.

      I can say first hand, you do not want to get Lyme or any other type of tick borne disease. The rose geranium oil works. But if you EVER get a tick, no matter where you are, get a dose of antibiotics asap. It will kill the bacteria before they get a chance to burrow in and destroy your immune system.

      Take care, God bless and never stop surveying. We need all the dedicated workers we can get.

      • Wow, hopefully your experience is the exception to the rule, but then taking risks with your health is never an intelligent thing to do. I get bit by up to a dozen ticks a year but never had the classic Lyme disease symptoms. I had an allergy doctor tell me years ago that he suspected I had a immune system disorder. None of my current doctors seem concerned. I have a seemingly incurable & endless battle with allergies 12 months a year. This is the pollen/ allergy capitol of the world but I wonder?

  • Thanks for the tip, I have had many tick bites in my day working on Long Island, New York and other places. I always tucked my pants into my socks, tucked my shirt in good and checked myself every few minutes. Lighter colored clothing helps and just plain vigilance and awareness.It is like poison ivy, after you get it a few times, you wise up pretty good..
    • I live in northern Mississippi where we have had a very warm winter so far. About two weeks ago I found a deer tick on my neck after being in some heavy brush. I can't remember finding a tick this time of the year before. In the warmer months I try everything out there to repeal ticks. Haven't tried Rose Geranium oil before, will give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

  • Please do not forget friends and family. Ticks are no respector of persons.
  • Hi Ritchie,

    Sulfur Power in your socks helps too. Make sure your not allergic to sulfur some people are.

    But it works great on ticks and chiggers.This is mainly found in deer ticks in North America.

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