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EMLID recently released a field ready low cost RTK receiver. EMLID website says it's ready for surveying, mapping, monitoring & robotics. One receiver price only $799. 

Satellite Tracking:

BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
72 tracking channels, IMU
14Hz GPS / 5Hz GNSS


Static: 5mm+1ppm
PPK: 7mm+1ppm
RTK: 7mm+1ppm
Vertical is 2×horizontal

I'm looking for a cost effective, yet survey grade GNSS receiver.

Can anyone share with me more about this product?

We need to use for topographic surveys (Position & Elevation required)

Here are the weblinks,

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  • Hello!

    We announced multi-band Reach RS2 for $1899! 



    Learn more on Reach RS2 webpage:

    Reach RS2
  • per my knowledge Reach RS doesn't come with a mobile 3G modem but does have a UHF module. When I asked they said about possible centimetre RTK with another Reach RS base receiver which is low cost than CORS subscription. I have observed lot of users in the forum are researches.

  • GEO Satlab has more ch8eaper instrunments and very wide range of solutions if you want. Just visit web page to check out. If any one from NEPAL you can contact me for pricings. 

  • 201810.pdf

    A recent study on low-cost receivers including the Reach. 

    • Anybody here has tried u-blox ZED-F9P? Seems to be solving all issues of M8P.

      • Hi Josep,

        Reach RS doesn't use M8P.

        May I ask what kind of issues do you mean? 

  • ok Dmitriy,

    that's good to know.

    Is it possible to know which gnss is used on the reach rs instead of the M8P?

    • Sure! Reach RS takes raw data from m8t and uses Emlid's version of rtklib to calculate precise position. 

  • Hi Dmitriy,

    The current specs of Reach RS mention 7mm rtk horizontal x2 vertical.

    Many dealers, if not all, mention 25mm horizontal accuracy for rtk.

    So how is a land surveyor going to take this seriously?

    I don't understand what is the difference from using a rtk-engine (rtk-lib).

    This is the gnss, reach rs is using.


    Page 6, it clearly mentions rtk 2.5cm accuracy.

    So doesn't matter what anybody claims.., it will always provide 2.5cm accuracy for rtk.

    In comparison a random other gnss receiver company for example.

    The company that sells the receiver claims 8mm rtk accuracy. (

    and the gnss mainboard that's on that same receiver has again 8mm rtk accuracy. (

    So either its false advertising, or I don't know what.

    • M8P indeed may have a 2.5cm accuracy for RTK, but Reach RS is not using M8P. 

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