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Leica TCRA 1103

Hi all,

Does anyone have any programme applications for the Leica TPS1100 series Total Station, in particular the Advanced Applications (Traverse, COGO, Sets of Angles etc.) or know where I could get these applications? I have recently acquired a TCRA1103 and require the applications to upload onto the instrument.

I would be extremely grateful of any help.

Kind Regards.

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  • Here's what I have:

    • hey buddy, have you still got those applications? Id really appreciate if you send them to my email, itd help me oout alot. my email is

    • Hi Dave,

      Thank you very much for the download link and your help. The English version is perfect. Thanks again.

      • Dear Dave Deaha.

                                Thank so much. Is TPS110 can load  Laica TC 1100 (old series) 1997-2000?

                                        Best Regrads,

                                        Suppawatt Kan

                                            Bkk Thailand



  • I use a TCA1101+ and have the CD.  I'll post a link to the instrument apps (Area, COGO, DTM, Filed, Fscan, Fview, HdnPt, Lres, Monit, Refl, Refp, Remht, Rplus, Stake, Tied, Trav) here with instructions and the other components on the CD.  Is English OK?

  • ....Free Station would be nice too. I have the TDS option on mine. I think the other options are Dealer loaded. I would like to be wrong about that.....
  • Leica geo office can be of immense help
    • Hi Kweku,
      Thank you for the reply. How may I use leica geo office? What will this do for me?
  • Hello friend
    About these applications are free. If you have CD included with your instrument you can found its or contact Leica home for help you immediately.
    • Hi Touhami,
      Thanks for letting me know those are free, I did not know that. I don't have a CD, if you or anyone else has the CD or apps that could be sent on via email I'd be very appreciative. I will also contact my local leica office.
      Thanks again.
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