Hi there,

I am currently using only Sokkia instruments and I don't have a robotic total station.

Now, I would like to buy a second-hand robotic instrument and I'd like to take this chance to try a Leica equipment.

I have considered some options and I intend to buy a Leica  TCRA+ 1101. Some of them have got the powersearch function, and some other don't. I found a quite good piece of equipment that I might buy, but this one hasn't got the Powersearch function.

Since I mostly intend to use this equipment for one-man survey, I am wondering if the TCRA+ without power search can still be easily used in one-man configuration, or, on the contrary, if the Powersearch function is really crucial for an effective use by a single operator from the pole.

Mant thanks in advance for your suggestions,


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  • Without powersearch means you will have to manually point the unit when lock is lost, by manual, I mean from the data collector you will point the scope toward you, this can be done by turning to a known point, eg one you are staking, by entering an angle, or by toggling with directional buttons on the data collector.  with power search the unit will spin around and seek a suitable return of a beam, then do a search in the area of return. this could be a reflector on a car, or another prism, in which case you can instruct to continue searching.  There is good reason powersearch is more expensive, so I recommend it.

    • Thanks a lot for the suggestion

      • boots have to go on the ground.....

  • Government Professional

    Hi Massimo,

    About 10 years ago, I was using an 1105 regularly, it did NOT have PowerSearch. I upgraded to a 1205 WITH PowerSearch. The difference in convenience was incredible. With the 1105 I had to use the 'joystick' function to aim the instrument back to myself and the prism. The Powersearch just flies round to your position in seconds. I suppose it depends where you are likely to be using the instrument. I do a lot of highway surveys, and the instrument is quite regularly losing lock due to buses and lorries etc getting in the way. If you were less likely to lose lock, then Powersearch would not get used very often.

    I now use a TS15, which has a camera that you can view from the controller end to find yourself :-)



  • Thank you to everybody for giving me your advice.

    Since my primary purpose for buying a robotic instrument is the possibility of using it by a single operator from the pole, I would say that, according to all the answers I received so far, it will be much better for me to go for a solution with the PowerSearch.

    Thanks again and kind regards,


  • Ciao Masssimo, presumo tu sia italiano e quindi mi viene più semplice risponderti.

    Io lavoro con TRCA 1102+. Se devi lavorare da solo il Powersearch è fondamentale in quanto lo strumento ti cerca nei casi in cui ti perde..... e credimi... sono diverse le situazioni un cui si sgancia. Il mio consiglio è di prenderlo con il sistema di ricerca del prisma. Saluti

  • TS16 are first class. I use one parried with a CS20 controller.
    Love it.
  • First of all the only instruments I have bought or used for the last 45 years have been Wild / Leica instruments. The work better than any thing else. I still have some T2002 and T3000's that are more dependable than any of the new stuff.



    I would go with a Leica TS16 or TS12P Leica has an good interest free Lease to Own program.

  • I third the powersearch option.  Trying to keep a robot locked on you is tough enough, and the powersearch isn't perfect but it's pretty darn good.

  • I second the Powersearch option. Especially if you plan on using it as a one manned crew. Unless you're only planning on taking a few shots, and have few jobs where you need to survey, you will get very frustrated when you lose lock, and have to joystick to your location every time. Powersearch will save you a ton of time and frustration.

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