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Leica TCR 1205+

Hy guys,i have a problem with my total station Leica TCR 1205+

for example,im doing stakeout points,after one hour work i get some problems.When i want to change a point which a want ti stakeout the time for a change point i so long ( maybe 30sec),i get same problem when i want to check point by ''dist'' taster.I have to wait more than 20sec to get a dist from point

I changed a memory card (i was trying with another one)

I reset RAM memory from total staion ( i did it in total station fuction,i didnt connect with PC)

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  • thank you, colleagues

    i have only 50-6- points in job.Also im using Leica prisms

    First,i will try to fix  a dump file. if i will get same problem a have to check a hardware

    what do you think about hardware? Maybe is main-plate? 

  • I had similar issues before. I had a pretty beat up prism and bought a new one. Worth a shot if you have an extra one laying around.

  • That's ture
  • Usually a file dump will fix this problem.  Particularly if it is a large stakeout job and you have stored a large number of points.  Decide which points you can archive, and save them to a computer.  Once saved delete them out of the job on your controller.

    • HY Adam,

      what is a dump file? 

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