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Leica TC405

Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out a solution to a frustrating problem one of our Superintendents is having.

He uses a Leica TC405 total station. I have figured out how to transfer data from the unit to his laptop with LEICA Geo Office Tools, but can not figure out how to transfer data from the laptop to the unit. This will help him immensely on time so he can have the data needed faster than what he currently has to do. Currently, he has to manually enter in the data into the unit which is a hassle and huge waste of time.

I need to figure this out by Monday, 11/27/2017, if possible. If we aren't able to do this then we might need to purchase a newer one, but would prefer to use what we already have if we can get this to work.

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  • Hi Nathan,

    I have not used a TC 405 ,but I have used a TC 805,so since my last reply I look at my manual.

    It uses a program called TC Tools. The bidirectional data transfer and the conversion of the

    Leica GSI-format to ASCII and vice versa is supported by the individual functions. The program TCTOOLS consists of five main functions: Codelist manager, Coordinate entry, Send data,Receive data, INFO/HELP.

    Send data: 

    Transfer coordinates from text-files to the TC and user specific format-files.

    Coordinates from text-files can be transferred using three different options.

    1. ASCII files (Data in lines), 2. ASCII-Files (Data in columns) 3. Leica GSI-Files,but also 

    4. Specific user formats, 

    This option transfers user specific formats from the PC to the TC .

    Now in the manual or the Instrument ,look under or at Main Menu Tree,Data manger,then the chapter on TC Tools in the manual

    I would contact Leica for Help on finding more info on this program and how to get it or to find out if there is another program you can use. There is info on how to contact them at their website.

    I hope this helps,


  • Seeking Employment
    I have use leica TS TS06 , downloading data can be done at ease but when it cones to uploading i necer saw any option upload/import on the main board software correct me if i'm wrong about this. Or may be the one i'm using is factory disabled for uploading ...
  • Land Surveyor

    Hi Nathan,

    for down/upload you need a cable or memory card,

    you can export to csv format or open gsi in Excel and extract the data(units are in mm)

    For upload(Import) download Excel speadsheet see link

    http://www.engineeringsurveyor.com/utilities/index.htm#Leica_Programs   CSV2GSI v4.2
    no need for Geo-Office.

    Hope this helps any more help let me know

    Best Regards


  • Dear Sir,

    The Leica Geo Tools has the option of uploading files as well as downloading them. Please go through the manual and you could do it easily with your expertise.

  •  Data Collector !!!!!!! Data Collector????? Data collector ,Then you can hold it in your hand and do anything you need. Problem solved.Software still required,but I wouldn't go in the field without one,unless it went dead,but wait I have a calculator or a back up DC would.be even better, for big jobs. No, I hope someone can help you,there is got to be a transfer setting menu or page.But I would still think about getting a DC.

    Good Luck and

    Best Regards.

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  • Vendor

    I believe in LGO Tools, under the tools pull down menu, there is 'data exchange manager'

    Once connected, your instrument should show up on the left of the split screen, and your computer on the right.

    I think your instrument should also show either GSI 8 or GSI 16, and I think it's a matter of drag and drop from your computer into either the GSI 8 or 16 folder...I think.

    With Leica it's all about the formats, so you may need to look on Leica's myWorld.com for more formats, tools and manuals.

  • Seeking Employment

    Hi, I use Leica sometimes. Have you checked that the format is correct? GSI 8 or GSI 16. That is all.

    I do not if that will help you.

  • Leica Survey office if you can find it will likely solve the problem, its been a while but you should start with the default setting for the TC600/800 Series. You can try this link.


    Download free Leica Survey Office 2.21
    Trusted Windows (PC) download Leica Survey Office 2.21. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Leica Survey Office alternative downloads.
  • Being a Topcon instrument guy...I have no input on Leica software...other than I hate it...lol.

    BUT....with other survey download software, there is an export function. Also, with many other instruments with nonwindows operating systems and without USB...under the parameters menus there are settings for import. Check the comm parameters...and with some Nikon guns, you have to initiate the import on the gun.

    Time to get a data collector....I use only Carlson software. Of all the developers I've tried...even Javad....Carlson's is the most intuitive. And they connect with just about anything. SDR33'S work with that instrument as well I think.

    Hope this helps. Good luck man.
  • Not a Surveyor

    Are you using cable to connect to Laptop?

    If you do and you dwonload the data then it is entirely possible to upload it as well. What is important is the format of the file. It has to be the same as the format downloaded to put in simplest terms.

This reply was deleted.

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