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I've only always used Topcon GPS and Total stations running Carlson SurvCE and am interested in a used, older but still reliable robotic total station.  In particular, the models that can also be set up as a Smartstation.  I'm not really sure which ones are capable, but I'm looking at TCRP 1203/1205, 1203+/1205+ models.  What is the difference between the plus and non-plus models?  Also, can the older 1103/1105 models be set up as a Smartstation.  And what are the differences between say R100, R400, and R1000's?

Please forgive my ignorance, as Leica is completely foreign to me.

Please weigh in with anything and everything.  

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  • Hi Branch!

    Keep in mind, Leica's instruments TPS1200 Series and more recent need the Extended OWI option activated. Otherwise, with Carlson SurvCE (or SurvPC) You will use only basic functions but other commands (e.g. PowerSearch start) will not work.

    The large part of TPS are sell without this option, and the upgrade is expansive. So, if You find this instruments, check if the owner is a SurvCE user!

    R1000 and R400 are the maximum range (in meters) of EDM in reflectorless mode. So, R1000 can measure in optimal condition up to 1000 meters in RL mode; R400 only 400 meters. 

    TPS1100 series doesn't have the handle like SmartStation equipment, but …. SurvCE allows the mixed survey (TPS and GNSS) and… the SmartStation configuration is not so important (IMHO … the receiver above the total station seem like a Christmas Tree …).


    Carlo Alberto

  • Hi there. So the main difference between the R’s would be the distance capability of the reflectorless laser. Obvs the R1000 being the better.
    The plus means better lock and atr. If you need spare parts for a non plus instrument you’ll really struggle as they don’t make/supply them anymore. The pluses are a little bit easier to come by (still drying up though)
    Don’t know about smartstarion but will find out. Hope that helps!
    • the + instruments have a better power search on them. If you are going one man make sure you get a RH16/17 radio handle as these will work with the CS20 controller Captivate software.

      Further to the previous reply leica have stopped making parts for the whole 1200 range.

      Stay away from the 1100 series. They were good in their day but are now prone to breaking down and impossible to repair. Although I don't know  much about smart station I am pretty sure the 1200 series has this capability. If you were in the uk I could sell you one next year when I retire. I have a R400 and R1000.!!

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