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Hi, Myself nayum ali working At bahrain. We bought 5 no. lieca ts03 total satations from a supplier in bahrian. All of them showing some kind of error while Oreiantion. When we did station setup and measure backsight then in computation it shows 45/50 mm horizontal difference which should not be that much. Horizontal difference should be zero. I am attaching some pictures of result and setouts. I complained to supplier and he saying that this error is default we cant change it all the new models having this error. According to Supplier mchine is calculating horizontal difference with default scale factor (1.0000)But my scale factor is .999615 so machine should calculate or compute by this scale factor. is anyone there leica flexline ts03 user who can give me some solution.Thanks and Regards Nayum aliSurveyor 00973 36999103

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