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Hello dear colleagues. Do you have any experience with Leica builder 509? I am most interested in how the accuracy of 9 seconds is reflected in the job. In the sense of being the most accurate jobs that can be done with this accuracy. And all the other experiences are welcome.

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  • Hi Marko,

    I have never used this gun, so I looked it up and read up on it. I see it is a nine sec. gun.

    For the work you are doing I would prefer a 1 to 3 sec instrument. . But your distance comes into play here also

    It maybe more important than the angles. Working off 90 degree angle grids may serve you better than Radia layout.

    Keep in mind surveyors have help built constrution with high tolerance with less high tech instruments in days gone by.

    You can only achieve and need the accuracy of how close it canbe built no matter what is required. 

    And keep in mind builders, work off of 90 degree angles and measuring with tapes.

    best regards,


  • Hi Marko,

    Then what is this nine seconds, what does that have to do with this Instrument.There is alot that comes into play when setting ponts

    for construction with high tolerance. No matter what the instrument is designed to do. There is always human error, have all devices been pegged?

    Have the rods and tribrach been check for error ? ,rod bubbles canbe off,is the gun also been set to read to one second and shoot with high averages.

     Or set one 1 or 3 shot. Is it set to laser or infrared setting if available. Can you check the distance with a nickel or stainless steel tapes.

    If not, a steel tape with temperture correction applied. Do you have a manual to the instrument.Are your control points set to this accuracy.

    There is alot that comes into play with a job like you are doing. I wish you the best of luck, just take your time and do your best and recheck everything.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Marko,

    Maybe I am confused about what you are asking.Are you asking how much error in a distance would 9 sec. make. longer the distance

    the error would increase. What does the Instrument read to. Some will read to 1 sec but it may be a 3 or 5 sec instrument OR is the closure

    reflect 9 sec.. in the closing Azimuth.

    0°.00'09" in 500 ft. or in152.4 m =0.0218 ft.or 0.00664464 m  Hope this helps. Your going Polar to Rectangular to solve this.

    • I do not think we understand each other well. I know how 9 seconds to 100 meters, but I was interested in whether the instrument could achieve greater accuracy than declared, or it is the best possible result.

      In short, if I am doing anchor bolts, where the tolerance is 5 mm, and if they are more than 50 m, can not I work for this instrument?

  • Download Lieca-Builder-Series-Manual.pdf
  • Hey Marko.... you may have more luck asking this question inside the Leica Support Group  You can now actually edit this discussion and move it to the Leica group, provided you have already followed the Hub.

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