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  • Try a Lenovo ThinkPad, it's battery life is about 9hrs, it's lighter, made of carbon fiber, it can survive a fall, and rain.. you need to model i can get it for you
    • Panasonic FZG1 but only 1 usb port and1 lan. There have configurations with 2 usb ports.

  • I have successfully used the Panasonic Toughpad. It has GPS built in which can be accessed by some CAD applications as well as GIS applications. The Windows Surface Pro has also been good in the field. It is cheaper and lighter than the Toughpad but needs to have a ruggerdised case fitted to survive being dropped.

    • in fact im conflicted between panasonic fz g1 and the surface pro 6 . 

      The surface pro is beter cause it  is cheaper and lighter and can attached to a keyboard, but i dont know if its good for working with autocad and styles , did you try it ??! 

  • Anything with at least i5 processor and 8gb ram would be fine to run AutoCAD.
  • The Panasonic FZG1 Mk 5 tablet. Mine has AutoCAD for use in the field along with TBC and software for connecting directly to my instrument and surveying with. Never had an issue with it after 2 years running the setup.
  • I work offshore and travel around the world. I need durability, light weight, and performance. In 2011, I bought my first MacBook – a MacBook Air. My third broken Windows-based laptop was the last.

    My MacBook Airs and Pros have been tossed around my cabin and office aboard light construction vessels, and none have ever failed in any way. They’re light. They’re durable. And – if you must – you can run Windows on a virtual machine or by booting directly to the Windows OS.

    I run AutoCAD for Mac, MS Office 2019, and various Adobe apps. I also – when I must – run Windows 10, AutoCAD Map 3D, and some industry-specific software packages on my Mac’s.
  • I would recommend you the major components below.

    ZBook 17 G3 Laptop:

    Nvidia Quadro M5000 with 8GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory

    Intel Xeon E3-1575M v5 processor+ Intel Pro Graphics P580 

    64 GB 2133 DDR4 SDRAM (4DIMM) ECC

    Intel Xeon G6 processor Lable 1TB SATA-3, TLC SDD.

    Or refer to The AUTODESK COMPANY: follow this link

    System requirements for AutoCAD Civil 3D
    This article provides the system requirements for the AutoCAD® Civil 3D® products
  • We have the Handheld Rugged field tables with Windows 10. 8" and 10" at a really great price.

  • I have found the asus computers best for me. You can get them with as much computing power and graphics needed and they are built more solid than some other brands I have used. Just my opinion.

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