Evening Guys and Girls,

I have been surveying for over 20 years now but mainly internal measured building surveys. I have always used Leica total stations but only for odd shaped buildings, elevations and small topos (only one or two set-ups). Any large topo surveys, I have always used a Leica GPS rover.

My problem is (and this will be Surveying 101 for the majority of you.!) I am now starting to carry out larger, more complex topos with the total station but do not have the knowledge to tie the different set-ups into a single job.

I am using a Leica TS06 and need a button-by-button guide to setting up stations and backsights.

Is this too much of an ask or can anyone help me out please.?

Thanks in advance..!

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Yikes!  Cheers on your 20 years, but you need a mentor!!!  Cheers on Leica Total stations, as well - best in the business!!!!!!

I'm training another carpenter on-site and just wrote instructions for a Leica TS12 Robot, based on running MicroSurvey Field Genius on a field tablet.  Are you running the TS06 on-board or with a data collector?

This is the response I was looking for, cheers Steven.! I am running on-board, then through LSS into AutoCAD.
A copy of the instructions would be fantastic please.
No offense, Ian. But I can do that work in my sleep. But, do you think I can find a job?! Hell no!

Can't find work?  Wow - not so much about WHAT you know as WHO you know....  Tons of work in the US for qualified surveyors, especially offshore!  If you need some connections over here, I might be able to help!

Sorry to hear that, not good.! Have you tried the TSA job site Kevin.?

have you tried the Surveyor Jobs Board?

Is your profile correct? You say you are a Survey director with 26 years experience?
You can't possibly need a guide to setting up stations and backsights.
Is this a real question?
Fair question Dean.!
I have had a long and successful career carrying out measured building surveys so have had no real need for the topo side. The main reason I joined the site was for help and advice in this area.


I haven't used on-board data collection in many moons, but I hope the attached .pdf helps.  I prefer almost any data collector (DC) to running on-board, especially Leica's on-board setup.  You can purchase awesome DC's for less than $3000 anymore; cheap compared to the headaches of collecting on your TS.

Here is a link to the online manual:  Leica TS 06 Manual

I am always happy to help other surveyors, no matter their level of experience.  However, you did kinda open up a can of worms; if you really do have 26 years experience, you might want to be careful on what you post/ask.  Total Station setup really should be like falling of a log to a seasoned professional....

I haven't used onboard data collection in many moons, but I hope the attached .pdf helps.


Steven W. Carper

WA PLS 49274

Know what you mean about the can of worms but I specialise in measured building surveys, so have never had a need for an in-depth knowledge of topo surveys.

As I have the word 'survey' in my job title, I guess Land Surveyors assume that is what I do as well but maybe bear in mind that there are different types of Surveyor.

Thanks for the link, I do have the manual already but it doesn't quite go down to the level of detail I need. I think your initial mentor suggestion may be the way forward..!

Thanks again, much appreciated.

You bet!  I also find my local Leica vendor/salesperson to be very knowledgeable and helpful.  If you already buy equipment from them, you could always ask for a site demo of your TS06.

Hi Ian

I am based in Devon and also carry out topos and measured building surveys. I regularly carry out multiple station surveys and then process the data straight off the TS in LSS then into vectorworks (or autocad if you want) I use a system that I was shown by the guys at LSS up in Gloucester. It maybe mutually beneficial if we could talk further?




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