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Many exciting changes are in the works as we dive into transition to the new website and I just want to make sure everyone in the community is on the same page.  And by same page I mean, let's make sure everyone is following one another in order to maximize our reach.  So, below are our community's social media satellites on other platforms.  Please take a quick moment to make sure you are following us and we are following you.  Don't forget that we promote you on our social media, so you never know when you'll be promoted if you do not follow us!

On Twitter, please follow:

Our Twitter Account at  @landsurveyorsu

Survey Earth in a Day on Twitter  @surveyearth

On Facebook, please follow:  @landsurveyorsunited

Survey Earth in Facebook:  @surveyearthinaday

Surveying Jobs on FB:  @surveyingjobs

Public Page I Know What a Land Surveyor Is  @promeasurers

Please leave your social media profile links below in comments so that we can follow you back.

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