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Trying to develop all or critical steps in carrying out a cadastral survey. Can anyone points out missing steps??


  • Preparing the survey plan
    • Verify ground control point
    • Preparation of territorial planning documents
    • Printing out maps and any other documents required for the cadastral survey
    • Organise a log book for the specific cadastral survey
    • Allocate land parcel ID
  • Maintain and update log book
    • Keeps accurate notes, records, and sketches to describe and certify work
    • Keeps detailed and accurate records of all measurements
    • Keeps detailed and accurate records of all cadastral (technical) field measurements
    • Upload all relevant data and scanned drawings into Geodatabase
  • Obtain title deeds and any other documents from the landowner
    • Confirms details of ownership
    • Confirms details of land use
    • Confirms details of water rights
    • Assists with land price valuation
  • Marking parcel corners
  • Determine property boundaries
    • Research a properties legal boundary using  Cadastral maps, title deeds, and other documents, such as records, deeds, legal records and maps
  • Defining restrictions on land use
    • Records servitude and/or easement
    • "... a right which one landowner has with respect to the lands of another - either the right to do something on the other's land, or the right to prevent the other owner from using their land in a particular way."
  • Record rights of way (easement)
  • Party-wall and fences (easement)
  • Validation of cadastral land parcel
  • Validation of cadastral plans
    • Parcel corners are shown on the cadastral map
    • Parcel boundaries are shown on the cadastral map
    • Servitude and/or easements are shown on the cadastral map
  • Registration of updated cadastral data to Cadastral Geodatabase
  • Collaborate to maintain and update control points
    • Typically monumented on the ground using brass bolts or stone blocks
    •  Property boundaries are marked on the ground by survey marks consisting of granite blocks, brass bolts, pipes, other artificial marks or crosses chiselled on bedrock.


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  • Running a one man survey operation inside an engineering company makes you really wish for that quick walk by glance from another experienced person. Schedules and completion dates set by others can really make you insecure. That all mighty checklist and project flow chart gets to really be indispensible.

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    Maintaining equipment to insure accuracy is something to be considered. This means keeping records of maintenance and baseline checks on equipment used to make measurements with. Utilizing the correct formulas in resolving ambiguities in data is something else. Also there must be a system of redundant checks on both data and analysis. We have all looked at a map we are making as part of a survey we are performing that we have spent hours and hours on and thought wow what a great map. Somebody else walks by and glances at it and immediately identifies a glaring error you have made.
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