Hey colleagues, I just noticed the Carlson SurvCE 2.09 doesn’t include the advance road tabs: 8
Store Sections; 9 Stake Slope
and 0 Stake Road, into the
Road menu. In case you need you'd have to pay additional money!!!!.

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interesting....how much more- do you know?
I will let you know as soon as i have the price
hey everyone,

I got this answer from Carlson:
I have checked with our tech support team and gotten the following information about the specific capabilities of the Advanced Roading package for SurvCE, please see below. This should be the information you need to determine if in fact you do need to purchase this additional software to accomplish the work at hand. The Advanced Roading package never comes standard with a basic SurvCE configuration. The cost for Advanced Roading is $500 US.
I think the easiest way to explain “Basic Roading” to a customer may be to ask if they are looking to do Highway Stakeout work.
If they are doing Highway work – they need the Advanced Roading option in SurvCE to use the Roads tab routines for Store Sections, Stake Slope and Stake Road.
If they do not own “Advanced Roading” they will be limited to the Survey tab for “Stake_Line_Arc” and “Stake Offset” for very basic stakeout using alignment data for Horizontal centerline and Vertical profile data
as far as I know.. Carlson has always asked for more money for the full roads software as well as the full GPS software.. I don't think this is anything knew.
Historically Carlson Software has included basic ROAD functions in the general software. Many of what they call the "Advanced Road Functions" such as the ones you listed fell under the Advanced Roading Option which is a $500 addition to their software. It has been this way since the first release I believe (or at least as long as I have been involved with it). I am not sure if this changes in 2.5, but I understood there may at least be new Road features added (I can not speak to if they are advanced Roads or not though).
Paul Carlson (unrelated)
SurvCE 2.5 has officially been released in case anyone was interested. If you are a current SurvCE 2.XXX user the upgrade is free and can be downloaded at www.Survce.com

Could you expand on you comment please.

Have a look st www.ceaser.co.za


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