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HiMy name is Paudie Barry, I am managing Director of Baseline Surveys in Cork, Ireland. My website is www.baselinesurveys.ie feel free to check it out.Things are quite in LAND sURVEYING in Ireland at the moment and prices for surveys have dropped by 300% in some instances from their peek in 2007.Warm Regards,Paudie

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  • Hi Paudie! I am also new here and start participating in the forum. Things in the US aren't much better but as Chris mentioned, the economic situation is slightly improving. I hope that business will get better for you and you won't face any severe problems that threaten your company.
  • Cead Mile Failte!

    Good to see an Irish person here, especially from Cork; my wife's family is from there. I myself am of Scottish decent of the Mackay clan. We'll be visiting both Ireland and Scotland when our recession gets better and we can save enough money, Cork of course will be our first and longest place to visit :) Glad to have you here.

    Tiocfaidh ár lá

    Chris Root
    • Hi Chris, Nice to meet you!

      Speaking of recession, hows it going over there?

      Which country are you living in?

      Land Surveyors in Ireland are being wiped out, its like what the comet did to the dinasaurs 60,000 years ago. We use to do 20 surveys per week in 2007, now we are lucky to get 1 day surveying per week.

      • I'm in the US, and the recession, according to recent experts ... may have finally bottomed out and may have begun to stabilize. But I'm not holding my breath.

        The last year I have been solely in construction surveying, and it has bottomed out I think. On another forum of Eric Colburn's (this site's owner and administrator) he spoke of his area finally starting to stabilize, and his area (Maine I believe?)is one of the last to recover from recessions, so it may be looking up :)

        I hate to see any surveyors wiped out, we're a strong link to the history of mankind ... you even more so given the age of the Celtic and Scandinavian people ... I mean look at the history surrounding County Meath! The High Kings! Ireland is so full of rich (and I don't mean financial) history. How are land survey's generally described in Ireland? Especially the one's further out away from the cities? As you may guess, I'm a big history buff, and Ireland and Scotland hold my attention raptly! Finding property monuments hundreds if not thousands of years old would be a dream come true :) I believe the oldest one in the US is only 224 years old, it's called the "Original POB of the United States" Est. 1785 in an oddly British named town of Liverpool, Ohio (I coincidentally was born and raised about 2 hours away from here in Ohio).
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