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CAD Conversions and Helpful Documents to Bookmark

In the past, we've posted on topics regardingĀ CADĀ and software that can be used to make your engineering and drawing life easier. Today we came with gifts! This post is as much for the good folks in ourĀ repro departmentĀ as it is for you guys, but nevertheless enjoy!
You see...we're not always just about selling stuff to you guys. We want to help the civil engineering community as a whole grow! Ā Let us know in a comment whether you found any of this to be helpful...

CAD Software Downloads for FREE!

Acme CAD Converter v7.86

Acme CAD Converter is a format conversion software for batch and vector files. It can conveniently convert DXF,DWF and DWG files into BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, PDF, HPGL(PLT,HGL) etc., and also enable the conversion between DXF and DWG file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2008).


Supports replace font file. Supports Transmit command like AutoCAD,and batch recover drawing files. It can export layers information into the PDF file and it allows you export OLE entity and raster entity into PDF file.


AcroPlot Pro 2007 Build v1.24.2007


AcroPlot Pro is the next generation in digital CAD conversion software. With the capability to convert an extensive list of file formats and the flexibility to create both the Portable Document Format (PDF) and the Drawing Web Format (DWF), AcroPlot Pro will serve as a nexus for CAD Professionals everywhere.

Includes a full version of the PDF Printer Driver to create PDF files from any application.
Converts all major office, various CAD, and graphics formats.
Create single or multi-paged PDF and DWF files.
Merge existing DWF files into one multi-paged DWF 6 files.
Full support for AutoCAD 14 and newer. Also supports all vertical applications including ADT, MDT, LDDT, and Map.
Powerful built-in viewer allows users to create and convert without AutoCAD installed!
Convert legacy PLT, TIFF, CALS, and GP4 files to either DWF or PDF.
Automatic rotation of PLT and graphics files ensures the proper orientation every time.
Built-in engineering paper sizes and complete customizable paper sizes insures that output can meet any standard or requirement.


Free CAD Ebooks (for Dummies)
AutoCAD 2008 3D Modeling Workbook For Dummies
English | PDF | 366 Pages | ISBN:978-0470097632 | 6.6 MB
Mastering AutoCAD is no picnic, and using it for 3D modeling is among the toughest challenges. This unique workbook offers over one hundred exercises that lead you skill by skill toward AutoCAD 3D success. You get the hands-on practice you need to tackle everything from solid and surface modeling to rendering and plotting.

See How To:
* Transition from 2D to 3D
* Model solids using primitives, extrusions, and sweeps
* Tackle complex surface modeling
* Visualize and render designs
* Plot, import, or export 3D designs

AutoCAD 2008 For Dummies

For Dummies (2007-04-30) | ISBN 0470116501 | 432 Pages | PDF | 6.4 MB
* A gentle, humorous introduction to this fearsomely complex software that helps new users start creating 2D and 3D technical drawings right away
* Covers the new features and enhancements in the latest AutoCAD version and provides coverage of AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD's lower-cost sibling
* Topics covered include creating a basic layout, using AutoCAD DesignCenter, drawing and editing, working with dimensions, plotting, using blocks, adding text to drawings, and drawing on the Internet
* AutoCAD is the leading CAD software for architects, engineers, and draftspeople who need to create detailed 2D and 3D technical drawings; there are more than 5 million registered AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT users

BONUS:Ā A Free (Scalable) PDF Map of the World

Physical Map Of The World Pdf 16 Files Quality - Scale 1:35.000.000

PhysicalĀ MapĀ of theĀ WorldĀ PDFĀ 16Ā filesĀ ScalableĀ QualityĀ Scale1:35,000,000
RobinsonĀ ProjectionĀ - standard parallels 38 deg N and 38 deg S

Next Maps:
Full World * Africa * Antarctic * Arctic * Asia * Central America * Dance To Despair * Europe * Middle East * North America * Oceania * Political World * South America * Southeast Asia * Time Zones * United States


Print Page


A couple of years back,Ā Global Surveying Blog tipped us offĀ to a tool calledĀ VeryPDFĀ which converts AutoCADĀ DWGĀ andĀ DXFĀ files toĀ PDFĀ (Portable Document Format). Here are some of the highlights of this tool:

VeryPDF AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter allows you convert DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF, AutoCAD to PDF, CAD Drawing to PDF directly without need of AutoCAD, it converts DWG and DXF files into vector PDF files, quick and ePasily, free download and free trial are available. VeryPDF AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter function and face:

1.Ā Converts DWG and DXF to quality PDF files;
2.Ā Create a single merged PDF file from several DWG and DXF files or create an individual PDF file for each DWG and DXF file selected;
3.Ā AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter can also be used from the command line to batch-process multiple conversions;
4.Ā More than 40+ paper types supported;
5.Ā Doesn't need of AutoCAD, AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter creates high quality vector PDF files from CAD drawings;
6.Ā It is convenient and easy to operate, and DWG and DXF files can be directly dragged fromĀ and Windows Explorer converted fast;
7.Ā It supports sorting on file name, file path, file size, file type modes when conversion in batch; 8. It supports single file process, single directory process, multi-level directory process and many other process way;
9.Ā In the case of batch conversion, several DWG and DXF files can be merged to create a single PDF file, or each DWG and DXF file be converted into a PDF file;
10.Ā Password protection for PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption;
11.Ā Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document; 12. Auto open PDF file after creation;
13.Ā Specify any resolution in the generated PDF file;
14.Ā Optimized to increase speed;
15.Ā Set the PDF document title, subject, author and keywords;
16.Ā It supports monitor multiple directories;
17.Ā AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter supports a wide variety of versions of DWG and DXF files, it supports DXF or DWG files from R12, R13, R14, 2000 and 2004, etc. formats; 18. Supports wildcard character, for example: *.dwg, a*.dxf, etc;

Buy all of this for a very low priceĀ Click Here

There are other tools out there for this type of file conversion. Here are a few that might be of interest:
Batch, Combine, Stamp, and more. Includes PDF editor to markup PDFs.
Small, smart, and secure files. Get free tools to publish & view.
Create PDF's from any application. Choice of top CAD Firms. No Signup!
Convert Document & Image formats into PDF. Fast Download Guaranteed!
Experience CAD Conversion in China Professional, Accurate&Profitable!

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  • GEO Ambassador
    Nice post Dad... however a few of the links above have become broken since i posted that back in 2008 so here are the AutoCad for dummies books and instead of the 2008 AUTOCAD version, i have included below, the 2011 version....
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