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                        How Can get Profile elevations. I have Negative Stations Alignment. Starts from -0.042 and end at 2+025.

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Change your stationing so its not negative.... This is basic... basic Civil CAD knowledge....

Is your starting station -0.042 or -0+04.2?? your screen shot is hard to read there.

Also, if that is happening you most likely have created your alignment backwards. There are tools in 3D Civil to correct that. 

You should not have to change the stationing. If you require negative stationing, and sometimes you do, you should be able to set the alignment with the starting station as the negative and go from there. Other than that, you can calc it and then draft it yourself. I'm not very experienced with CD3D...because it is an awful program. Good luck.

This should not be an issue. I've done negative stations many many times. The error message you see may not e related to your profile but may be an issue with your alignment. Try exporting to xml, deleting the alignment and reimport it. Make sure you do this in a copy just in case. 

It is difficult to read, but there is a character after "0+" in your Station Start column.  That is probably causing your problem.  I believe it should be entered as -0+00.042. 

Generally, avoid this situation all together if possible.  I try to never start alignments at 0+00 for this reason.  Start them 1+00, 5+00, 1000+00, 5000+00, etc...


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