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The abutting description given on Plan is the boundaries entered in a leagal documents,
I had a problem in court for not entering the name of abutting land which is separated by double feature such as Streem or road (which is not belong to the corpuse )
So I have to explain!
Have you had any experience like this?

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  • Lalith,

       Requirements for mapping standards obviously will vary depending on local law.  On every plat, exhibit, Record of Survey, etc. I prepare, I show underlying map data and to all boundaries that connect to the boundary I am working on.  Sometimes I add assessor parcel numbers when needed or even call outs to deeds if it helps to locate the boundary.

       A wise surveyor once told me to "show everything you know on your map", this way if you go to court you can not only back up your work but show that you did your due diligence in researching your boundary and the boundaries in the area.


    • Paul,

      I'm engaged with high-rise building construction in a company as Head Department of Line and Grade. Recently, one of our project located in the city had problem and immediately raised to management regarding on the encroachment of property. An existing 42-Storey Hotel and Restaurant Building with 3 basements while we only had one basement of 17-Storey building awarded project for our construction.

      Sample presentation of as-built drawing using photographic visual report in order to sought out the actual encroachment cited while earth excavation is on-going for the preparation of structural foundation. This document drawing is one sort of supporting evidence that must be checked efficiently and thoroughly validated for any legal purposes that may it serve.

      With these, any comment and suggestions for a better surveying presentation related to legal issue to SHARE with us.

      Your contribution will be a big help in standardizing our process by upgrading and updating the surveying methodology (high-rise building construction on structural and architectural surveying layout) with state-of-the-art survey management support from the group.

      Thank you and look forward and......onwards......with the group.


      • Hi Lee

        Here in Sri Lanka this is governed by the condominium property act,and land survey act.
        As the leagal ownership of land parcel will extend to Zenith and Nadir,as per condominium survey.
        As in your figure it it is serious as the adjoining building encroacher is effected,,must see there plans and construction drawing to see who has done the mistake.if they have margin between the boundary no problem.
        So if both plots have a common survey plan it could be sorted out.
        Anyway as I was the survey team leader of ther General contractor in Iraq during 1982,we manage to do axis setting out relatively 3mm accuracy with
        WildT2 and mm tape.
        Surveying theory and method is same,but collecting data and setting the data will vary with the technology.
        This seems a hidden encroachment,never thought that you will excavavate from this side.
    • Thank you Paul,

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